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Varicose veins are unsightly, elongated, tortuous, and dilated veins commonly found in the legs. It causes complications like emotional distress (damage to self-image), leg swelling, skin changes,cellulitis, pain, chronic leg ulcers, leg and/or foot gangrene, rupture, bleeding, gangrene leg amputation and may be a source of cardiac arrest  or cerebrovascular accident (stroke) from a travelled blood clot called embolus. It is mostly a result of failure of the veins of the leg

It is commoner in females than males. Varicose veins are also known as green veins or spider veins.

Causes of varicose veins

Varicose vein are the result of dilatation and elongation of the superficial venous channels to a degree that renders the valves incompetent and no longer capable of coapting across the enlarged vein area.

The veins affected are the long and short saphenous and their immediate tributaries. The cause of the dilatation is unknown but there is a growing list of possible predisposing factors.

1. Positive family history: varicose vein runs in some families.

2. Pregnancy: main reason it is commoner in women than men.

3. Aging

4. Obesity

5. Pelvic tumours like ovarian cancers, ovarian cyst, uterine fibriods etc

6. Long standing: varicose veins follows prolonged standing which is a hazard in certain occupations (waitresses, security personnels, teachers, etc.) may be the force that leads to the dilatation.

Symptoms of varicose veins

Uncomplicated varicose veins are seldom productive of significant symptoms and this is probably responsible for the low clinical profile of the condition in hospitals in developing countries.

The severity of the symptoms, however, is not necessarily correlated with the degree of development of the varices, patients with minimal veins occasionally complaining of severe symptoms.

Increased fatigue,  aching or burning sensation or leg pains on standing for brie f periods, cosmetic concerns and heaviness are the commonest symptoms.

The pains may be localized over the distended veins.

Symptoms are worst towards the end of the day when there may be some swelling of the ankle: in general this subsides when the legs are elevated so that the patient is more comfortable in the morning than later in the day.

Varicose veins treatment in Nigeria
Varicose veins treatment in Nigeria.
TOP: Varicose veins on the thigh and leg
DOWN: ultrasound guided vein stripping by a doctor

As symptoms of uncomplicated varicosities are seldom disabling, complaints of severe ach ing pain or cramps brought on by walking and subsiding during rest in patients presenting with obvious varicose veins should raise suspicion of arterial insufficiency.

The aching pains of varicose veins may also be confused with symptoms due toosteoarthrosis of hip , knee and lower spine.

When complicated, varicose veins may present with itching associated with eczematous dermatitis, ulcerations, bleeding or chronic non-pitting oedema of the leg.

Treatment of Varicose Veins (Vein Stripping Vs Sclerotherapy Vs Creams)

Let me tell you the truth, save your money, there us no cream in Nigeria or the world that can remove varicose veins.

Varicose veins are a structural problem that creams cannot correct or remove. There are about 2 definitive treatment options for varicose veins listed below.


This is a surgery done to remove the tortuous varicose veins from the leg. It is done under general or spinal anaesthesia the the plastic surgeon or cardiothoracic surgeon.

Vein stripping is a surgical procedure done under general or spinal anaesthesia to aid in the treatment of varicose veins and other manifestations of chronic venous disease.

The vein “stripped” (pulled out from under the skin using minimal incisions) is usually the great saphenous vein.

The surgery involves making incisions (usually the groin and medial thigh), followed by insertion of a special metal or plastic wire into the vein. The vein is attached to the wire and then pulled out from the body. The incisions are stitched up and pressure dressings are often applied to the area. (WIKIPEDIA).

Surgery time for removal of varicose veins is about an hour.


Sclerotherapy is a form of treatment where a doctor injects medicine into blood vessels or lymph vessels that causes them to shrink. It is commonly used to treat varicose veins or so-called spider veins.

The procedure is non-surgical, requiring only an injection. It can also be used to treat blood and lymph vessel disorders that cause these vessels to form incorrectly. (MEDICAL NEWS TODAY).


It is doubtful if individuals with hereditary predisposition to varicose veins can entirely avoid the disease, but the extent of development may be curtailed if such persons could regulate their lives to eschew prolonged standing (occupation) or use protective elastic stockings in the event of unavoidable risks such as pregnancy.

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Principles and Practice of Surgery by Badoe


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