Health Benefits and Side Effects of AJU MBAISE

Aju mbaise is a combination of 5 different leaves, roots and bark of a medicinal tree like uziza🍃, uda🌿 ,ehuru 🍃etc wrapped together.


*Flat tummy and weight loss: It’s used for overall weight loss and flattening the stomach especially after childbirth most achievable within 3- 4 weeks intensive planning.

* Aju mbaise for caesarean section: The herb is used to reduce big tommy in women that usually results from caesarean section.

* With good exercise, aju leaf helps remove pot belly in males and females…it can help you with flat tummy.

* Normalizes menstrual cycle after delivery.

*Bad blood removal: It gets rid of the stale and bad blood in the womb called lochia, the excess water and every post natal substances that may be left hence allowing the womb to return to its normal size afer child birth.

*Aju mbaise and menstruation (irregularity in menstruation): It also helps the woman’s cycle to normalize and ready for conception. Stops painful and scanty menstruation.

*For detoxification: A woman who just had a miscarriage or had an abortion can take it too to clear off dead particles from the womb. Aju #mbaise is a womb cleanser.

*Enhances fertility in women by cleansing unwanted dead cells from the uterus and Fallopian tubes. The fertility herb helps them to be get pregnant with ease.

*Treats hormonal imbalance that causes irregular periods.

* Aju mbaise and ovulation correction: It’s also used by those undergoing ovulation inconsistency and treatment of painful ovulation.

*Shrinks fibroid or tumor at early stage.

*It prevents mouth odour that comes out from inside the stomach (belching)

* Helps relieve bloating

*Prevents fallopian tubal blockage.

*Skin: It nourishes the skin.

*It’s an anti diabetic,

*prevents cancers or tumors

*prevent ovary cysts

* Aju mbaise contains quinine like substances that kills malaria parasite. This answers the question whether #Aju #mbaise can cure malaria

How to prepare Aju Mbaise:

Take one wrap. Pull out the stems/ barks/ roots and wash together. Don’t untie the aju to avoid it loosening. Boil in a pot with 1 and a half litres of water for 20-30minutes. Remove the aju, drain and sieve the water in a cup and then let it cool a little. Drink it in the morning before breakfast, after dinner and in the afternoon.

How to preserve aju mbaise? Preserve the aju in the fridge or you keep it in a tray or container where air will touch it. It can last for more than a year if preserved well.

Aju mbaise
Preparation of aju mbaise

A wrap can be used 4 times. Keep boiling it till the water becomes almost clear then you discard it and use another.

There are two ways/ methods of using aju Mbaise:

i. As tea, you boil and drink.

ii.As white soup (Ofe mmiri ogwu) or yam pepper soup.

Aju leaf is not bitter. Its tasteless. Some people add ginger to aju herbs to add to flavour.


➡️ Can aju mbaise cause miscarriage? Aju mbaise can cause miscarriage or birth defects in pregnancy. It is advisable for pregnant women not to take until they deliver.

➡️ Just like every herb, aju leaves have the potential to cause kidney or liver damage..Though, there is no research yet that supports this claim

➡️ Aju #mbaise and ulcer: Stomach ulcer patients should avoid aju leaves as it can aggravate their symptoms.

# Consuming too much of aju #mbaise can cause you to bloat and have abdominal discomfort.


Aju mbaise as contraceptive

Though people feel it will help prevent pregnancy because of the presence of uda (Negro pepper), aju leaf is NOT a contraceptive and should never be relied on to prevent pregnancy. There are modern day and reliable birth control methods you will find helpful here.


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