If someone has sudden calf pain,

The calf is swollen,
The calf is painful,
The calf is warm to touch.

Those are signs of a DVT.
You press that calf, you can send a clot to their heart, they can get a heart attack and die.

This is how Coach Stephen Keshi died.

DVT refers to Deep Vein Thrombosis.
Ignore the big words- it means blood clots in the deep veins.

Sometimes these deep vein clots can be in the calf (the back of the leg). This clots block the veins causing swelling, pain and discomfort.

For those who don’t know what calf is 👇

Calf pain
Do not message a calf pain

So as I was saying, those deep veins clots can be in the calf (the back of the legs), now if you massage that calf, you would break up the clots and send it straight to the heart.

This can cause a heart attack and stroke,
And the person will be dead in as fast as 2hours, if not even less.

So what can you do then if you or your family has suspected DVT:
•Do NOT massage that calf
•Call your doctor ASAP
•He will do tests and give you a blood thinner tablet/injection to break up the clot.

That is ALL you need to do.
Massaging will kill you faster.
Pls don’t do it.

What puts people at risk of DVT:

•Heart failure
•Being 60years or more
•Some contraceptive pills
•Long Hospital admission
•Family members with clotting disorders
💥varicose veins

Sudden calf pain
The left swollen left leg is a classical case of DVT. DO NOT MASSAGE

These are some of the few reasons some people may develop a DVT.

And back to the Stephen Keshi story,
I was just browsing the internet and I found this.

Now looking back and thinking of what the eye witness described in the excerpts below, it’s almost certain he had a a DVT which led to the heart attack and death.

It’s such a very sad story👇

How the massaging of a sudden calf pain killed the late Stephen Keshi, former Super Eagles captain and coach of the senior national according to reports published IN PREMIUM TIMES👇

Former Super Eagles’ Coach, Stephen Keshi, died before he arrived Faith Mediplex, the hospital he was rushed to on Tuesday night, his brother in-law, Richard Aburime, has said.

The former captain and coach of the senior national died at the age of 54 on Tuesday.

Narrating Mr. Keshi’s last days on earth to journalists in Benin, the Edo State capital on Wednesday, Mr. Aburime (keshi’s brother -in-law) said the late coach had a history of leg pains following years of successful professional football, which was usually managed with massaging.

He said following his last complains and subsequent massaging, Mr. Keshi’s body system and health suddenly degenerated as a result of which he was at about 11.30pm rushed to the hospital, which is about 20 minutes’ drive from his residence at Giwa Amu area of Government Reserved Area in Benin City.

“He had complained of pains in his leg for some days and they kept massaging it for him. When he complained of it yesterday, they massaged it for him again,” Mr. Aburime recounted.

“About one and half hours after the massaging, he was in serious distress and was gasping for breath. That was how we rushed him to the hospital, a distance of about 20 minutes.”

“But by the time he arrived at the hospital, the doctor certified him dead on arrival. That was between 11:30 and 11:45 pm.”

“It was the nurse that first came out. She checked for pulse‎ and said there was no more pulse in him. Doctors later came and do all the stuffs they do; but nothing came out of it.”

“That massage on his leg had taken one hour before the distress. There was no sign of ill-health (before) and Keshi had not complained recently.”

TAKE HOME: Do not massage a sudden calf pain. Stay put and call the ambulance.

Dr Olufunmilayo

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