Here’s how I manage my hormonal acne:

I usually expect testosterone to prompt my oil glands to produce more sebum and ruin my life from Day 24 in my cycle. So I get strapped up.

First, I never skip my routine in the days leading up to my period.

If you skip your routine every other day (for whatever reason), try not to skip from the 20th day in your cycle. Like it or not, your skin needs care now more than ever.

Hormonal acne
Before and after treatment pictures of hormonal acne

Cleanse your face. You need to wash off all the dirt and excess sebum.

I make sure to exfoliate three times weekly (I don’t skip this for anything in the world not even a man I am in love with.

Warning: The devil often comes in form of people you love to distract you (It may be through a kiss or a back rub), RESIST!

This is my favourite time for salicylic acid. It could be in a cleanser (Like Cerave’s SA cleanser) or a leave-on exfoliant (Like Paula’s Choice BHA exfoliant) or a mask (like The Ordinary’s Salicylic Acid Masque).

You see, excess sebum your skin produces during this time can easily clog your pores, especially mixed with dead skin cells. So, I exfoliate with salicylic acid because it offers the kind of Deep Penetration I like.

Are we still talking about exfoliation here?Skull

I prefer leave-on salicylic acid products during this period (masks too) to get the job done.

That PeterThomasRoth’s Sulfur mask I am always talking about, this is the perfect time I put it to use. Sulfur is my go to ingredient to handle excess sebum production.

I mask 1-2 times a week with PTR’s sulfur mask. (Dr Dennis Gross has a great sulfur mask too).

I have to beg you not to over-exfoliate in the name of everything you hold sacred.

If you’re new to Chemical exfoliants like salicylic acid, once a week is a great way to begin. Sulfur can be very drying so don’t over do that either; 1-2 times weekly is fine.

If you’re going to add a new product to your routine, wait till after your period. Don’t confuse the gods of skincare please.

(You can also spot treat too with a pimple patch or an ointment if that’s your thing)

Another thing I always do is HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE.

A hydrating toner, a sheet mask, a green tea serum (Hello, Innisfree baby) and a moisturizer.

This is because my face always just hurts at this point so anything to soothe my skin.

Honourable mention: Cosrx Snail mucin essence.

About diet, this is so difficult for me because during this time my cravings are over the roof. I almost had a break down the other day because I couldn’t find an oat cookies I like.Relieved face

So, if you can reduce your sugar intake.

Finally, I don’t pick, pop, pinch, poke or even touch my acne and this helps me a great deal. Don’t do that and if you’re around people who are drawn to popping the acne on other people’s faces, WARN THEM.

Wipe your phone screen, wash your hair, change your pillowcase.

The little things matter too.

Basically for some of us, dealing with hormonal acne includes our normal routines + some intentionality.

Have a great day. ❤

Credit: Skin Pieces

Featured Image: Crutchfield Dermatology


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