The Senior Pastor of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, says he doesn’t believe there is Coronavirus in Nigeria and wonders why the government is isolating people and locking down churches over mere “malaria”.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie
Pastor David Ibiyeomie says coronavirus in Nigeria is a lie

He said that Nigerians are suffering from malaria and people say its coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The cleric made this comment during a Church service on Sunday.

He said,

“People make so much noise about Coronavirus, malaria kills more people in Nigeria than coronavirus and doesn’t think Nigeria has the said virus, why closing borders?”

Pastor Ibiyomie said:

“Coronavirus is a virus that is corona. People are making noise about coronavirus. To me, it is rubbish. Did we make noise about malaria?

“Malaria kills more people in Nigeria than coronavirus. Everyday people die from malaria. In the villages, they die. So what are we talking about coronavirus, closing borders up and down?

“Nigeria does not even have it. I don’t think Nigeria has it. Because you have heard Dokpesi say he had it but it was malaria tablet that they gave him. So if it is coronavirus, why will they give him malaria tablets?” He said.

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