Top 7 causes of Obesity in Nigeria including how to check your body mass index and prevent becoming overweight/obese

What Is Obesity?

– Obesity is the condition of being too heavy for one’s height so that one’s health is affected. It’s actually considered a disease.

• How Do You Determine Obesity?
– By calculating the Body Mass Index (BMI)…check picture👇

How to calculate BMI

What’s A Normal or Abnormal BMI?

– A BMI between 18.5 and 25 is NORMAL
– A BMI above 25 is OVERWEIGHT
– A BMI of 30 and above is OBESE
– A BMI of 35 and above is SEVERLY OBESE

Oya its time to solve that maths…where do you fall?

body mass index
What is the category of your weight?

• Common Causes Of obesity in Nigeria ?

– Poor Nutrition
Doctors have been shouting about late night food,soda and junk you won’t hear…watch your stomok

– Lack Of Exercise
When was the last time you exercised during this lockdown…watch that waistline ooo.

Causes of obesity in Nigeria
Eating junks and soda are some of the causes of obesity In Nigeria

– Psychological Problems
Most patients suffering from depression end up eating every and anything that crosses their path leading to “Obesity”

– Hormonal Problems
There are reduced hormonal disorders that can cause obesity in patients eg: Hypothyroidism, metabolic syndrome etc

– Genetic
It can be hereditary. If someone in your family is overweight, you need to be more mindful of what you eat and how you carry yourself.

Obese man
An obese man

– Drugs
There are some drugs associated with being overweight such as diabetic drugs, oral contraceptives.

– Sedentary Lifestyle
Though Nigerians are very active people as they need to hustle for their daily bread, however obesity is found to be quite high among people with white collar jobs.

Being overweight
Summary of the causes of obesity in Nigeria

• Health Risks Of Obesity?

Obesity has been linked with so many diseases and they include :
– Heart diseases
– Stroke
– Diabetes
– Some cancers
– High Blood Pressure
– Pregnancy Complication
– Depression
– Liver disease…
– Gall bladder disease especially gall stones
– Osteoarthritis
And many more

Prevention Of Obesity:

– Eat well..follow your doctors advice on dieting
– Exercise regularly
– More vegetables and fruits
– Sleep well
– Adequate water intake
– Always be mindful of your weight
– See your doctor if you’re depressed…

Obesity prevention
Prevention of obesity

With these few points of mine, someone help me tell my chief that I am not obessed, i just gained a little weight…

But this stomok aha!
God no go shame us

Are you OBESSED or did you just gain some weight…check your BMI and lets know.

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