I have been reading so much trash, falsehoods,conspiracy theories,and malicious defamation of Bill Gates and his philanthropy in Africa and other parts of the world.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates: Rendering help to a continent that do not appreciate him

A billionaire spending part of his billions to help poor people around the world is vilified for no verifiable reason other than religious leanings, ignorance, politics, propaganda and conspiracy theories.

All sorts of conspiracy theories are whipped up to demonize his efforts especially in Africa. Even in this COVID19 pandemic, the orchestrated social media campaigns against the good intentions of Bill Gates is so much that you will puke at the way and manner people especially Africans describe and discredit him.

Conspiracies against Bill Gates
This is one of the numerous misinformation about Bill Gates you see everyday on the Social Media. The circled part has been fact checked and does not exist (photo shopped)

There is no polio or malaria in America, yet the man is spending hard earned his money to fight these ailments and improve the quality of life for the poor in Africa. And guess what, the middle class/rich with access to media that have stolen everything in Africa are the ones resisting @BillGates. They want to start an anti-vaxxer movement in Africa, a continent that can barely feed let alone have the finances to fight about 15 vaccine preventable diseases.

Aided and abetted by right wing religious cults,demonic conspiracies are spawn in articles, on audio/video, to discredit his charitable actions.@BillGates is presented as the new Lucifer incarnate, the Antichrist, 666, etc. Totally preposterous. Many people in Africa have jumped on the bandwagon thoughtlessly and without doing their research.

Bill Gates
A Nigerian on Facebook pushing the conspiracies theories against Bill Gates.

@BillGates is a phenomenally intelligent man. Blessed by God with far above an average intellect ( a genius). He developed Microsoft software and made computing universal. He blazed a trail that revolutionized computing and internet and became incredibly rich.

Being a man of conscience, he was troubled by the extreme poverty he saw around the world, particularly in Africa, where our political leaders have looted their countries into extreme poverty. Most African nations are today worse of than they were at independence. Quality of life has plummeted so badly and diseases are the order of the day.

Femi Fani Kayode, Nigeria former Minister of Aviation tweeted this.

Poverty and its twin disease ravage a large swath of the our population. Yet African governments have continued to loot all funds that could develop its people and make life better for them.

Out of the goodness of his heart and wealth, Bill Gates has donated billions of dollars of his money to assist the poor and lift them from deadly diseases. Without his contribution, many children/people would have died from malaria, Lassa fever, meningitis, HIV/AIDs,poliomyelitis etc. He’s mobilized his funds to fight these diseases.

Antivaxxers in Nigeria
This statement was made by Adamu Misa, an antivaxxer from Northern Nigeria

He’s been attacked vociferously and unreasonably for supporting vaccine research against viruses. Ridiculous right? All viral diseases have always been fought using vaccines as a primary means of ensuring immunity to the disease. Nothing new here. There are vaccines for polio, yellow fever, flu etc…

Antivaxxers in Nigeria
Some Insensitive Nigerian politicians are part of the propaganda against vaccines and Bill Gates in Nigeria (Africa)

It is standard medical practice to have vaccines used to stop the spread of highly contagious viral diseases. Before vaccines viral diseases killed millions of people. The Spanish flu killed over 50 million worldwide. Should we allow COVID-19 to kill 50 million people too? Are you aware that influenza killed 500,000 Nigerians in 1918 due to lack of vaccines? Resisting the development and use of vaccines to mitigate viral disease is foolish and idiotic. It’s clear that this is required to reduce deaths and restore normality.

Development of vaccines usually takes 3-5 years. What @BillGates and others have done is to be proactive about outbreaks and be ready with a solution to stop the spread of disease quickly. It’s testimony to the success of their proactive approach that vaccines may be available within a year.

Lack of knowledge, dearth of science information and unwillingness of the average African to read has made most subject to conspiracy theories, deceived and misled about basic science to believe rubbish. @BillGates is helping millions, saving lives and means no harm. The anxiety is so unwarranted and misdirected.

Infact, Africa should be thanking Bill Gates instead of demonizing him, it is unafrican not to show gratitude. Bill Gates’s only crime is that he wants to help.

The End

@TorToridb (Brandon Tor)



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