MY MBBS STORY: All The Things That Happen During Medical Ward Rounds (When You Don’t Know The Answer)

So, it’s clinical year and you are excited about your first posting. All gassed up and ready to move stuff. Ready to rock your white coat and show the world that you have arrived.

Only one small problem: Clinical year is way different from pre-clinical and you haven’t been reading. If this sounds like you, let’s tell your story.

1) You fight to stay at the back.

Out of sight, out of mind

My MBBS Story

2) Pray to God that no one calls your name.

Lord, I promise to always serve you if you get me out of this in one piece.

Medical school story

3) Nod enthusiastically even though you have no clue what’s being said.

4) Your face after they percuss you and you are stony dull.

I am not crying. It’s just my allergies acting up. I am reacting to the consultants perfume.

My mind story
The consultant ate atarodo stew

5) The patient consoling you after the Consultant has finished your life.

Me, a whole first position taker in primary 5 and senior prefect(headboy) in secondary school.

Though I clerked you, please console me

6) The look you give the ITK in your group.

Stop making us look bad. Who send you this one one. Over sabi…mtchew…comot here!!liquid metal!

Who are you, who born you, are you kolo?, are you the indaboski?

7) Your face when the ITK doesn’t know the answer to a question.

My village people have reached here. Ewo! Bahose has failed us! E Don be!

Medical school stories

8) Your legs after one hour.

Why are we suffering here, it’s not like we are even contributing. Activity full body, nothing to offer

9) When you finally hear that you can leave.

Affliction will not rise the second time. E be things..

10. A short video that summarises everything about the life of a medical student during ward rounds.

Anywhere belle face answers…

Medical school is actually fun…. Abi na lie. 👇

My MBBS story
My medical school story

The article is an intellectual property of Hassan Yahaya, author @ Zikoko. He largely summarized my MBBS story.

With some modifications by the NIGERIAN HEALTH BLOG


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