Ehuru is also called Calabash nutmeg, African Nutmeg, Jamaican Nutmeg, and Ghana seed. It is a spice mostly used for Peppersoup, abacha, nkwobi, groundnut soup,black soup,Ofe Akwu, ugba/ukpaka, ose-oji,egusi,ogbono, Banga soup,
garden egg sauce, goat meat stew, Ukwa, and isi ewu. The best of Ehuru is gotten when roasted. It adds extra flavor to meals.

Ehuru is the reason the abacha(african salad) you prepare at home does not taste like the one you bought in the market.

You can find it with people selling spices.

Other tribal names of calabash Nutmeg

Some tribes call it Ehura

Hausa: gyeda Mai kamshi or gyadan Miya

Idanre (Ondo) Aiho (Pronounced ah-i-ho)

Isoko: atanikene

Urhobo: Iribuotor/ere

Yoruba: Ariwo


Ilaje Ondo State: kposa

Ijaw: Arigogo

Itsekiri: ewo

Ikale in Ondo state: Arigho

Ewaka in Yakurr dailect (Cross River)

It’s called egwòyè in Okpè tribe in Delta State

Botanical/Scientific Name: Monodora myristica

English Name: calabash nutmeg

How to De-shell calabash nutmeg

First you have to roast them. You put it on fire directly, once it is 30 seconds to 1min, remove it, and pound it. It’s ready. Don’t forget that the shell should be removed before pounding to fine powder.

Ehuru before de-shelling

This how to remove the shell of Ehuru with a blender: In measured quantity, put some of the roasted African nutmeg, in the blender and allow it to run for some minutes.

You will see/hear the shells hitting the roof of the blender cover- paused and check if it has been deshelled to your satisfaction and run the blender again until they are completely deshelled.

Calabash nutmeg
Calabash nutmeg: after removing the shells

After then, separate the shells from the real “ehuru” and pound, grate or grind to turn it to powder.

African nutmeg
African nutmeg/ehuru powder after grinding

Health Benefits of Ehuru(calabash Nutmeg)

It has alot of benefits. Rich in Iron,folic acid, magnesium,vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, vitamin c and more too. Helps to reduce cholesterol. This is based on research

Other health benefits

Removes phlegm (good expectorant)

Increases libido

Relieves common cold and flu

Improves appetite.

A good laxative

Cleans the bowels

Helps in burning excess fat..

Please ensure roast it before chewing it if you want to at all… not chew it raw.


When cooking bear in mind that Ehuru has a very strong flavor so a little goes a long way, you want to add just enough to compliment the other flavors, not overpower them. In other words, apply ehuru with moderation and just the adequate quantity is enough, too much may overpower the flavour of your soup/food.

Two Other things

Ehuru and Pregnancy

Food cooked with calabash nutmeg/ehuru seed is perfectly OK for pregnant woman. It is healthy and no research has reported any negative effective of calabash nutmeg in pregnancy.

Ehuru and Fertility

Calabash nutmeg is a a great sex stimulant and improves libido in both men and women. It is one of those Nigerian spices that boost ovulation and fertility.



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