COVID ORGANICS: Dr. Jerome Muyangi and the COVID-19 herbal “cure” from Madagascar

Dr. Jerome Muyangi is the man behind the touted “cure” from from Madagascar.
He is a medical doctor and researcher on Neglected Tropical diseases.
He does research on Artemisia annua which is extracted from plants around S. Africa
Found 2 of his papers. This gets Interesting.

COVID ORGANICS: Dr. Jerome Muyangi and the COVID-19 herbal cure from Madagascar

This same therapy has now being converted for use to treat #Covid19, the president of Madagascar is firmly touting its effectiveness, but interestingly the news says it has “cured” just 2 people and based on that they believe it works based on some tests done.

COVID organics
NO research-based knowledge on COVID organics

As most of us know from the way this disease occurs, more than 90% of those who get infected recover, a significant percentage of that do not even have symptoms at all.
So what do they mean by “cured”?
What does the president of Madagascar mean by it is effective?

COVID organics
Dr. Jerome Muyangi and his COVID organics

To do a quick overview of how drugs are accepted as effective and used for treatments. There is something called clinical trials. There is nothing of this nature that has been released about the #madagascar drug, and 2 people are too insignificant to claim it works.

Madagascar cure for Coronavirus
No clinical trial for the Madagascar COVID19 “cure”

In summary, what Madagascar is selling and pushing to other countries is just an unproven herbal treatment with no known efficacy. It might not be a stretch to think Madagascar is trying to make money off their investment without doing due diligence to ensure it works.

Madagascar’s low numbers have a lot of plausible explanations that are not linked to any herbal concoctions.

I am not saying as a matter of fact that Covid Organics from Madagascar doesn’t work, but no information on ground affirms the claims being made by the President of Madagascar and his cohorts.

The world needs hope right now, but we must still be careful about claims we make.

Written by: Ayọ̀mídé Joe


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