Comparing the Cost of Studying Medicine in Nigeria, Ukraine, UK, Canada & United States


Just this morning, I was thinking about the basically tuition-free medical education I got in the university. It wasn’t until my 500 or 600L some form of fee was introduced and we were paying 13k or so per session in OAU.

What took my mind there?

I was going through some polling of young voters in the US & one of their main stress was student debt.

These guys leave Uni with so much debt hanging down their neck & which are to be paid back with interest.

I couldn’t imagine such a scenario in Nigeria.

If you now add up the fact I went to secondary school on full FG scholarship. Yet, it’s most of my colleagues that don’t see anything good in the FG.

I will acknowledge my own wrong perception in times past. I know better now.

PS* I’m not sure if this amount is still accurate.

Anyone that was in OAU from 2005-2007 should please help clarify and correct me if am wrong.

Cost of studying medicine
Medical students during a lecture

Meanwhile, according to Quora, the average cost of studying medicine in Canada is very affordable, compared to other countries. Students are likely to spend around C$ 20,000 (6 million naira) per year and C$ 30,000 (10 million Naira) per year, covering both tuition fees and living costs. Living costs are reasonably affordable. Affordability is a relative world here.

In a similar vein, the cost of studying Medicine in the United States as expensive if not more expensive than that Canada. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the average cost of attendance for one year at a public medical school (including tuition, fees, and health insurance) was $34,592 (13million Naira) for in-state students and $58,668 (30 million Naira) for out-of-state students in 2016–2017.

Tuition and fees at a private school averages well over $50,000 (20 million Naira) a year regardless of whether you’re an in-state or out-of-state student. Unfortunately, public and private medical schools both increased costs from the previous years.

Further, these represent solely the amount charged by the universities, which means that cost-of-living, books, food, and housing are not included. Even a thrifty student who cuts costs will incur certain necessary expenses outside of what they’ll pay to attend. Plan your medical school budget accordingly!

Finally, in Ukraine, the average tuition fee of medicine study is 2,58,000 INR approximately for one year. Accommodation cost is 45,000 INR for one year. Medical Insurance expenses are 20,000 INR approximately. A fee for initial medical check up is 13,000 INR. Admission fee and registration fee are 6,500 INR.

Conclusion: No matter the indexes you want to use to analyse it, sudying Medicine in Nigeria is the cheapest in the world. This is because if the huge subsidy the Federal Government pays on medical education. Medical training here is a up to date with world standard though tedious and medical graduates from Nigeria can practice anywhere in the world..

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