Nigeria COVID-19 Live Updates: List of States with reported cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Welcome to this page. Nigeria presently have 318 cases of coronavirus with 70 discharged and 10 deaths. The country is having its fair share of the COVID-19 global pandemic and presently coronavirus is in 19 states of the federation and 5 geopolitical regions are affected.

Nigeria COVID-19 Live Updates: List of States with reported cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria
PTFCOVID19: Buhari, SGF, Ehanire & NCDC boss.

Since the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control gives updates on cases and discharges daily (and most people cannot keep up with), the NIGERIAN HEALTH BLOG has come up with a plan to give our readers an at a glance statistics of COVID-19 in Nigeria where individual states that is affected will be singled out and analysed.

Below is the List of States with reported cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria:

CASES: 378 confirmed cases

RECOVERIES: 128 discharged

DEATHS: 11 deaths

TESTED: OVE,000 persons

TESTING CAPACITY: Raved up to 1,500 per day

1. Lagos- 214 (85 recovered and discharged, 5 deaths)

2. FCT – 58 cases (2 dead, 23 recovered and discharged)

3. Osun – 20 (17 recovered and discharged)

4. Edo – 15 (1 dead)

5. Oyo – 11 (4 recovered and discharged)

5. Ogun – 9

6. Bauchi – 6 (1 recovered and discharged)

7. Kaduna – 6 (1 recovered and discharged)

8. Akwa Ibom – 6 (3 recovered and discharged)

9. Katsina – 5 (1 dead)

10. Delta – 3 (1 dead)

11. Enugu – 2 (1 recovered and discharged )

12. Ekiti – 2 (1 recovered and discharged)

13. Rivers – 2

14. Kwara – 4 (2 dead)

15. Ondo – 3

16. Benue – 1 (index case moved to Abuja)

17. Niger – 1

18. Anambra – 1 (declared missing)

19. Kano – 9

13th April 2020: Lagos announces the recoveries and discharge of additional 5 COVID-19 patients from the infectious disease hospital taking Lagos total diacharged to 61.

13th April 2020: Twenty new cases of #COVID19 have been reported as follows: 13 in Lagos 2 in Edo 2 in Kano 2 in Ogun 1 in Ondo.

13th April 2020: FCT has gone 72 hours without a new case.

13th April 2020: Anambra state government says they have found the missing index case.

15th April 2020: Katsina, Lagos, and Abuja has begun house-to-house search for active cases as Nigeria now have cases of community transmission of coronavirus.

15th April 2020: The Kano State Ministry of Health @KNSMOH has announced 5 new additional Covid-19 cases in the State. Making it a total of 9 confirmed positive cases. The 5 new cases were all traced to the index case.

15th April midnight: discharges – FCT(12), Akwa Ibom (3), Osun (6), Enugu (1), Lagos (16).

Coronavirus is presently is 19 states in the country and may spread further because of community transmission. Lagos state is the epicentre of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

The fight against coronavirus is a joint task and we all need to play our part.

Wash your hands

Your hands should not touch your face

Social Distancing

No parties

No large gatherings

Stay at home

Eat fruits to boost your immune system

Don’t share fake news

Report to the appropriate authorities if you notice any symptom or you have a case to report. See numbers for different states to callhere.

Follow the Nigerian Health Blog to get daily updates on the different states preparedness for coronavirus. Let us defeat coronavirus together.


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