Aside from being doctor on duty for Lafarge cement, Dr Amarachukwu Karen Allison was the medical personnel who led the team that attended to the Italian index patient who brought Corona virus into Nigeria.

Dr. Amarachukwu Karen Allison
Meet Dr. Amarachukwu Karen Allison.

Just like the late heroine, Dr Adadevoh, this young lady was the one that made the right call that the Italian consultant with her employers Lafarge cement might have contacted the corona virus and was smart enough to alert her superiors about the unique case she had at hand.

Because of Dr Amara, the index patient from Italy was transferred to Lagos that has the facility to run a proper Corona virus test and the confirmatory test indicated that the Italian did have the Corona virus, proving Amara’s provisional diagnosis was right.

Dr Amara
Dr Amara Allison

Amara’s singular brilliance led to the early diagnosis and rapid containment of the first Covid-19 infection in Nigeria.

If not for her brilliance , many other Nigerians could have contacted the infection with potential rapid community spread and many could have died needlessly with potential consequences of an outbreak in Nigeria and this is why what she did is a big deal. This amazing woman deserves to be celebrated.


The government of Ogun State on their verified twitter handle hailed the heroics of Dr Allison Amara in recognising that the symptoms of the index case (Italian) where diagnostic of COVID-19.

Their words:

“The Ogun State Government appreciates the young female doctor who suspected the index case in Nigeria in our State, Dr. Amarachukwu Karen Allison of Lafarge Nigeria. Her singular brillaince led to the early diagnosis and rapid containment of the first Covid-19 infection in Nigeria.

Our appreciation also goes to Lafarge Nigeria for their cooperation with Ogun State in managing and curtailing the spread of the disease within the state. Ogun State under the leadership of the Executive Governor ,His Excellency Prince Dapo Abiodun @dabiodunMFR”

Dr Amara Karen Allison graduated from the medical school of University of Port Harcourt.

The index case (italian) has tested negative after treatment and has been discharged home.


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