Breast Cancer in Men: Causes, Symptoms, Tests and Treatment.

Men can have breast cancer.

As you wake up today,

Press your chest and around your nipple,

IF you find a lump anywhere, that may be the earliest sign of breast cancer.

Rare but possible.

Men can have breast cancer.

People assume breast cancer can only happen in women – but that’s a complete lie.

Men can have breast cancer and usually it happens in the small breast tissue men have around their nipples.

It is commonest in men over 60years old, but it has been found in very young men as well.

Breast cancer in men
A male breast cancer survivor

Signs of breast cancer in a man:

Hard painless breast lump that is fixed and doesn’t move around the breast,

Nipple turning inward,

Nipple discharge which can be bloody,

Nipple rash/sore that doesn’t heal,

Small bumps/balls in the armpit,

Hard red swollen skin around nipple.

What causes breast cancer in men?

Sometimes it just happens – sporadic

Other times it may be because:

1. Genes/Family history: if you have family members with breast cancer, you may also have it.

2. Obesity and being fat increases your risk.

3. Liver cirrhosis

4. Previous chest radiation.

5. Gynaecomastia (risk factor)

So what should you do?

A lot of lumps in men’s breasts may be excess breast tissue or harmless fatty tissue.

But that is NOT your decision to make – that is for your doctor to decide after assessing you and doing some scans and investigations.

So if you notice any of the above signs that I said, please go to your doctor ASAP:

He/she will arrange – Breast scan, Breast X-ray (mammogram),

And a biopsy (a sample of the lump will be removed and sent to the lab to check for cancer cells).

What happens depends on the results.


Breast cancer can be cured – ONLY if caught early.

If the cancer spreads to the bones, liver, or lungs- the cancer has a high chance of killing that person in a very short while.

Please pass this message on to your dads, uncles, brothers, and male friends.


Dr Olufunmilayo

Featured Image: Statnews


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