Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, and his close political allies have undergone routine testing for coronavirus according to reports.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu awaits coronavirus tests results

The tests, described as “routine,” are being conducted on the orders of an official in his office responsible for security, the Prime Minister’s office said in a text message. None of those tested showed prior symptoms. The message didn’t identify the other people being tested.

The number of people in the country who have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus climbed to 213 Sunday, the Isreali Health Ministry said.

Meanwhile, nearly 40,000 Israelis were in home quarantine for fear of exposure to the virus, including nearly 1,000 doctors, more than 600 nurses, 170 paramedics, and 80 pharmacists, according to Health Ministry figures. Health officials have conducted over 6,800 coronavirus tests nationwide so far, according to the ministry.


Featured Image: Times of Israel


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