It is fake news, garlic does not cure coronavirus.

There is a message going around on WhatsApp that we should start storing Garlic because it’s a cure for Coronavirus? It says to take it morning, noon and night. Even babies are not spared.

Garlic does not treat coronavirus

This is reminiscent of the drink salt water to avoid Ebola hoax that killed people. Be Careful!

In case we have forgotten, fake news about cure to Ebola resulted in the death of innocent people.

The message that started initially was a prank was quickly spread and within days people were taking their baths with Salt Water and drinking it in excess.

This is one period you will receive all kinds of messages, mostly from family and friends…people you trust and believe have your best interest at heart. Please Be careful. DO NOT TAKE anything not certified by the WHO or the Ministry of Health.

While Garlic is a good healthy food that may have some antimicrobial and antiviral properties, IT IS NOT A CURE FOR THE CORONAVIRUS. Like everything in life, if you take it in excess, it will do more damage than good. Please be careful.

Garlic does not cure coronavirus
Garlic does not cure coronavirus

An investigative research by has also confirmed that garlic is no cure or treatment for coronavirus.

Here is their concluding statement:

“Garlic has a reputation for being antimicrobial and antiviral, according to a systematic reviewcited by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, which researches alternative medicine. But that review included only one trial and found that there was insufficient evidence that garlic could prevent or treat a common cold,according tothe NCCIH.

It is generally safe to eat garlic in the amount usually found in food,according to the NCCIH. But garlic supplements could increase the risk of bleeding for those taking blood thinners, and garlic can interfere with the effectiveness of some drugs. The center recommends consulting a doctor before using alternative medicines.”

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Yinka Ogunubi


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