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Nigerian doctor and health entrepreneur, Dr Olawale, has taken time out to rank the best performing HMOs in Nigeria based on their coverage, timely payment of claims, range and indebtedness to their health care providers…

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I apologise I couldn’t post as I promised but it’s rather late than never right? So here we go. I remember @aproko_doctor ran a poll few weeks ago and I realized that a lot of folks here (about 80%) either have never had health insurance or is thinking of getting one. Shocking!

It’s not that surprising though as a similar percentage of people in Nigeria pay out of pocket for healthcare. But we have health insurance plans in Nigeria. However picking an Health Insurer can be tricky in Nigeria. Some can be trusted, while some can not for several reasons.

My last thread on HMOs I received an enormous amount of requests to recommend high performing HMOs in Nigeria, which is what I’ll be doing today as a Health Provider (a medium between HMOs and Enrollee) and this will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

My recommendation will be based on their health insurance coverage, their hospital network range, indebtedness to Health Providers, and timely payment of processed claims to providers. So here are my top 5 Performing HMOs for February I’d like to recommend to you.

Number 5

Integrated Health Management Services LTD (IHMS HMO)

Hospital Network Range: 4.0

Health Insurance Coverage (Different Insurance plans): 4.0

Indebtedness to Healthcare Providers: 4.0

Timely Payment of Claims: 4.0

Ranking of top HMOs in Nigeria
IHMS takes the number 5 spot in HMOs ranking

Number 4

Novo Health Africa HMO Hospital

Network Range: 4.5

Health Plan Coverage : 4.5

Indebtedness to Hospitals: 4.2

Timely Payment of Claims: 4.2

Best performing HMOs in Nigeria

Number 3

Liberty Health/ THT Hospital

Network Range: 4.5

Health Plan Coverage: 4.3

Non-indebtedness to Hospitals: 4.5

Timely Payment of Claims: 4.3

Side note: THT made HMO possible in Nigeria.

HMOs in Nigeria

To clear confusion, I clarified what I meant by “indebtedness” in the last article. It means these 5 ranking HMOs I’m listing here are least likely at present to owe any Healthcare Providers in Nigeria. Which means they pay on time.

It’s quite interesting to see that the top two are actually new, but they’ve brought fresh energy in to the HMO game. They’re also recreating the trust between Healthcare Providers and HMOs.

Anyway, let me go back to my rankings…

Number 2

AXA Mansard HMO Hospital

Network Range: 4.4

Health Plan Coverage: 4.4

Non-indebtedness to HPs: 4.7

Timely Payment of Claims: 4.6

Side note: AXA Mansard HMO takes their Enrollees and Healthcare Providers seriously and are really committed to advancing healthcare in Nigeria. In fact, if you, an enrollee, seek care in a hospital in Nigeria not directly under their cover, AXA Mansard will still cover you.

Mansard health insurance
Mansard is one of the best performing HMOs in Nigeria

Number 1

My top Recommendation for this month’s Ranking. Reliance HMO @Reliancehmo

Hospital Network Range: 4.4

Health Plan Coverage: 4.7

Non-indebtedness to HPs: 4.8

Timely Payment of Claims: 4.9

List of accredited HMOs in Nigeria
Reliance HMO is number 1

Ideally I would give a perfect score, but nothing is perfect in this world so.. In my former thread I mentioned a HMO that pays your claims 48 HRS after you have been to a Hospital. Others pay in 4 weeks, these guys pay in 48 HRS!

Energetic, free flowing and tech savvy……….they’ve blown others out of the water and are in another class of their own. They have a rich bouquet of Healthcare plans during my research. A perfect recommend for me at this point.

That ends my rankings for this month.

Hope this helps. Did your HMO make the cut?

If you as a patient pick any of these I mentioned I want to believe you are very well covered so just check them out for more. Every Nigerian needs a healthcare plan.

Thank you

Dr Olawale

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