Mother loses only daughter after using sniper to wash her hair in order to treat her dandruff -Twitter User

A twitter user, @mrmanodili have shared on his timeline how a mother he knew personally lost her only daughter after using a mixture of sniper, kerosene and camphor to wash her hair in order to treat a white patch on her baby’s scalp which is probably dandruff or head lice.

He wrote:

“A woman lost her daughter today. The child developed this whitish substances on her scalp and someone advised the mother to mix SNIPER, HYPO, KEROSENE AND CAMPHOR to rub on the head. The naive woman did yestersay and the child went into coma yesterday and died this morning. Woman has 4 kids, 3 boys and the only girl that just died.

It’s life and direct, happened at Iyanera lagos state today. No jokes.”

sniper to wash her hair in order to treat her dandruff
She used sniper to wash her hair in order to treat her dandruff

Reacting to the sad incident, UK based medical doctor and social media influencer, Dr Olufunmilayo called on the federal government to ensure restricted access to snipper saying it is not supposed to be used in our homes.

Read what he tweeted:👇

This is very sad

“Sniper is a VERY DANGEROUS pesticide that should only be for industrial use.
Sniper kills through Drinking it,
Breathing it in,
Applying on the skin or hair.
It causes muscle paralysis,
Makes it difficult to breathe,
And kill the person.
Sniper to treat head lice is dangerous

The federal government should work with NAFDAC and make it a crime to sell or buy Sniper.

Sniper kills people.

Sniper kills children.

Sniper kills women.

Sniper kills men. This is serious.

Sniper should NEVER be sold for home use.

Sniper should ONLY be sold to industries.

It’s not an “ordinary insecticide”.

It’s an industrial pesticide.

It is lawlessness that makes it available to private individuals.”

In July last year, a youth corper serving in Osun died a day to her birthday after washing her hair with sniper in order to remove head lice…

News Source: @mrmanodili


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