Medical doctors express support for Lagos state Okada ban.

  • Doctors express reasons why okada should be banned in Lagos and other states in Nigeria

A group of medical doctors on Twitter have thrown their weight behind Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s ban on Okada and tricycles (Keke Napep) ban on major roads in Lagos State. This stance they made following their personal experiences from numerous okada accidents that have killed and maimed many…


Dr Guendouzi

I will never support Okada, don’t waste your time trying to make me see reasons. I was the casualty doctor in State Specialist Hospital Akure, An A/E doctor in UITH Ilorin. I have certified lots of people dead in my life, Okada riders and their passengers are a bulk of that… Quit wasting your time justifying madness, the records for the number of deaths and disability from Okada accidents are apparent. Each time you hop on a bike on the highway, you are taking a chance with the angel of death, you don’t know when the angel will be lucky. Buses will shuttle those roads in no time. No appointment is worth losing your life or limb for…you need people to tell you real life stories, go to Igbobi. As for keke, they are a lost cause.

Okada ban
Lagos State right to ban okada

Adigun Mubarak

As a medical student rotating through Ortho and trauma unit at LUTH, majority of the patients I encountered in the ward were victims of okada/tricycle accidents… The sad thing is when we clerk those victims,they are mostly the only survivor of the accident and also… the rider of the okada/tricycle with their passengers dead from the accident… The truth is, a lot of RTA I’ve witnessed involves a lot of okada people, hell I’ve even knocked one when he wanted to drive me to my death… But, the ban is too sudden and hence harsh.. #KekeBan


Apart from death, don’t forget spinal cord injuries o. The one that render people paralysed for life. Every sincere doctor or nurse will have issue with Okada. Any doctor that does not attest to this is just politicking.

Lagos State okada ban
Okada men involved in ghastly accident in Lagos

On the 29th of January, Lagos State government announced the ban on commercial motorcycles and tricycles from February 1St.

Information CommissionerGbenga Omotososays the flagrant disregard for the Lagos Traffic Laws by Okada and Keke riders has resulted in preventable loss of lives and gridlock.

Omotoso adds that enforcement would be total and that the government would deal with violators in accordance with the laws.

He says there would be zero tolerance for defaulting riders.

The Lagos government says the ban has become necessary due to“chaos and disorderliness”and“scary figures”of fatal accidents caused by the Okada and Keke.


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