Coronavirus outbreak: Good news on how to kill the virus (3 ways).


#CoronavirusOutbreak Good News

ξ€’1st good News:

China has developed a testing kit for CoronaVirus & will have it distributed nationwide. It can accurately confirm the presence of coronavirus on any suspect who has fever within 2-3hours.

2nd good news:

The new coronavirus can’t stand high-temperature environments.

-CoronaVirus will die in 56’C environment for 30mins.

-Utensils should be regularly sterilised /disinfected or boiled in 100’C water to totally eliminate all viruses.

-eat cooked foods;

-don’t eat raw foods for the time being.

ξ€’3rd good news:

New coronavirus is easily eradicated by medical grade alcohol.

– 75% alcohol or Chlorine disinfectant can effectively eliminate the coronavirus.

Tip: bring alcohol based sanitizers in your bag to regularly disinfect your hands especially while outdoors;

Coronavirus outbreak
Coronavirus outbreak: use alcohol based hand cleanser

β€’ use alcohol to sanitize doorknobs in your home if someone develops flu-like symptoms; keep those who get sick inside their bedroom or bring to a doctor immediately).

And for those who are in Winter;

According to a research professor’s advice: this winter; those with heating system in the house should keep the indoor temperature above 20’C.

Don’t worry about wastage of electricity. –

Coronavirus can’t survive long in a warm environment.

Thus all households should keep the house heating & ventilation system on during this period.

Remember to always wash your hands with soap and clean waterπŸ’§

Thank you.

First shared on Twitter by:

Dr Emeka Okolo

Featured image: Howstuffworks


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