Toothpicks are bad for you, see the effects of toothpick on the teeth


See the effects of toothpick on the teeth

Gum damage

Gum infection

Tooth decay

Bad breath

Tooth loss

Unstable tooth

Some of you order water and still ask waiter for toothpick, please what kind of software are your village people using to do you?

NEVER use toothpicks.

Toothpicks are bad for you.

Again for those who may be a bit confused, let me say it again very clearly:




Toothpicks will only damage your teeth

What toothpicks do is to pick out some of the food particles while pushing in the rest which then destroys your teeth.

What you do everytime you use a toothpick is to use the tip of the toothpick to poke your gums and the root of your tooth:

This leads to gum damage, inflammation of the gum and bleeding – which can then give normal bacteria in the mouth access to destroy your gums and your teeth.

So what can you use in place of toothpicks to remove stubborn food particles?

USE A DENTAL FLOSS (Look at the attached pictures) A dental floss is a safer way of removing stuck food particles between your teeth without damaging your gum and destroying your teeth in the process.

Dental floss
Dental floss and dental flossing

Using a dental floss removes dental plaques and also prevents the buildup of dental plaques which leads to tooth decay, bad breath and tooth loss. And the advantage of flossing is that it cleans the crevices of the tooth and gum making it less likely to bleed or be sensitive.

Dental flossing also helps the teeth look brighter and makes your smile looks better. Imagine what happens when you use a vacuum cleaner on your rug/carpet- you would never know how dirty it is and how clean it can look until you vacuum it. It’s exactly the same with flossing!

Toothpicks are an absolute NO. There is NO medical professional worth his onions that would ever recommend it. Same with cottonbuds. They are absolutely useless devices that harm people’s ears and teeth- but many people see it as a “fashionable” thing. How sadly ignorant.

Some people would even just put toothpicks in their mouth EVEN when they are not eating. Lol.

That’s the height of ignorance. Specks of wood used for the toothpick can injure your gum, can break into your mouth and you mistakenly swallow it damaging your throat. It is unwise.

Using a toothpick

Leaving a toothpick in your mouth,

Having a toothpick in your mouth even when you are not eating:

ALL of the above does NOT mean you are posh, my dear friend. It only means you are ignorant.

And you are actively engaging in something that will ruin your teeth.

By the way I see there’s a lot of tears under this thread, accept my condolences. It’s just that the truth needs to be said.

Now you know better. It’s up to you now to do the needful.

STOP using toothpicks.

Get a dental floss today.

Ask at a shop near you.

Good morning.


Dr Olufunmilayo



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