Stepwise Process on how to migrate to Canada as a foreign trained Medical Doctor.

Migrating to Canada to practise as a medical doctors is simple & very easy. There are 341, 000 new comers are expected in Canada in 2020 out of which 88,000 are expected to be for Express Entry.

So you stand a good chance if you intends to migrate.

 how to migrate to Canada as a foreign trained Medical Doctor
how to migrate to Canada as a foreign trained Medical Doctor

Here are the steps:

There are certain programs designed specifically for trained medical doctors who intends to migrate and practise in Canada:

1. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP);

2. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). You can migrate under any of those programs.

First make sure the medical school you graduated from is recognised by Canada, you can verify on the World Medical School Directory Website.

Secondly, you are expected to apply and qualify for the Medical Council of Canada’s Examinations.

It is in two parts:

1. Pass the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examinations (Part 1 and 2). You can take Part 1 before moving to Canada, you must take Part 2 in the country

2. Complete at least 12 months of postgraduate training.

After passing the MCC Qualifying exams, you would need the approval of the Medical Regulatory agency of the province you intend to practice. You can get the list via this blog post: How to migrate to Canada as a medical doctor, a step by step guide.

The process would cost you the following:

1. Degree verification CAD$215;

2. Translation fee CAD$181 per page;

3. ECA report CAD$137;

4. Application fee for MCCEE CAD$2,365;

5. Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I&II CAD$1,598, CAD$3,340.

If you have work experience, you would need to provide the following:

1. Letter of employment from employer

2. Hours of work

3. Current Salary

4. National Occupation Classification title

5. Contract Details of your employer

6. A letter of introduction from the employer.

Migrating to Canada to practice as a medical doctor is that easy. I have a detailed step by step process in my second blog post of the week.

Kindly share. It might be helpful to someone.

Insightful comments

Prudence A

After passing all those exams, getting placement is almost impossible. Canadians who studied in Canada are considered first, then foreigners who studied in Canada, then Canadians that studied in foreign countries before the rest of the world.


The medical field in Canada is hostile to foreign trained medical doctors.


Tosin Olugbenga, most MD from Nigeria are asked to go back to 200level medical school here.Its faster to begin practice if they have gone to UK, New Zealand etc to practice first..Unfortunately almost 5 medical doctors from Nigeria are taxi drivers here in Halifax NS.

Ovundah Nyeche

Many of my colleagues I personally know who came to Canada to practice medicine eventually had to ‘re-relocate’… Canada is not a great place for foreign trained medical graduates,who wish to practice immediately…


Canada is not a conducive environment for foreign trained medical graduates.


I think u should put up a CAVEAT. Foreign Doctors are not smiling and even Pharmicst.


Lol… This thread is so misinformed… It’s threads like this that makes people believe “relocating for my kids” is easy… When you drive taxi well, you go understand.


Tosin, migrating to Canada to practice as a medical doctor is not simple and it is definitely not “very easy”.


Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) does NOT even have NOC 3112 (Medical Doctors/related professionals) as part of its accepted occupations in demand.


A popular joke in Toronto is that the best place to have a heart attack is inside an Uber because that’s where you are most likely to find the most qualified doctors. That’s all I have to say about this. You will see people that were head surgeons back in their country driving Uber for 3 years. Getting back into their careers is hardest for immigrant doctors and lawyers in Canada. I personally had a judge from Turkey drive me one day.


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