Nigerian doctor based in the UK and social media influencer, Dr Olufunmilayo has taken to his Twitter handle to advise the public to desist from taking alcohol with the drug called metronidazole popularly known as flagyl because it has be proven to cause sudden death when combined.


“I just read of a man who was accused of murder of his 31year old female partner. On doing autopsy: It was found she had very high levels of alcohol and Flagyl in her system which caused her heart to have an irregular beat that killed her. Lesson: NEVER TAKE ALCOHOL WITH FLAGYL.

Doctors generally ALWAYS say you must stay away from alcohol while taking any medications. But Flagyl- whether as tablets or as cream- is known to be quite notorious when used together with alcohol, or within 3 days of drinking alcohol. It can cause very dangerous side effects.
Taking alcohol with metronidazole
Flagyl and alcoholic drinks is a big no no
The interesting thing is people generally don’t even know when they do these things. Sometimes you take the Flagyl in the afternoon/evening and later at night go to party at a club and take alcohol- forgetting totally you took Flagyl earlier in the day. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS.
As a matter of fact, the standard medical advice is even that you should stay away FOR 3 DAYS after finishing the Flagyl before you even go near alcohol at all. It can damage your liver, ruin your heart, cause you serious stomach upset, give you irregular heartbeat and kill you.
For those interested in the story, here is it. It was used in a medical research journal that was written about it. Apparently the man inflicted “minor physical trauma to her arm” and she just died. I’m guessing the death was suspicious, hence they did an autopsy to find out.
Taking ALCOHOL with flagyl
A woman died suddenly after taking ALCOHOL with FLAGYL
Imagine this was a country where there was no autopsy done- his family would have blamed “spiritual forces” and “village people”, the court may have sent him to jail for murder.
But this is one way that people end up in jail technically for crimes they didn’t actually commit.
Stomach upset,
Liver failure,
Kidney failure,
Fast heart rate,
Irregular heartbeats,
These are the things that taking alcohol with Flagyl (or within 3days of using Flagyl) can do to you.
So please; never use alcohol with any medication.
Never use alcohol with Flagyl.
Never use alcohol until AFTER 3 days of using Flagyl.
If there’s anything you are not clear about concerning medications and how other things you take can interact with it, ask your doctor/pharmacist.
Please be wise.
Please stay safe out there.
And inform others”.


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