I cried after a received my first salary in Saudi Arabia – Nigeria doctor

A Nigerian doctor who relocated to Saudi Arabia in sharing his work experience says he cried after he received his cumulative four months Salary in the Middle-Eastern country.

After leaving his former job in Nigeria, @wakawaka_doctor, being his Twitter handle, came to the micro-blogging platform to share his working experience and pay package as obtained in Saudi Arabia and Nigeria with his followers on Twitter.

The Twitter user revealed that while in Nigeria, he was being paid N118,000 as his monthly salary despite working two jobs and seeing a total of 100-120 patients daily, as at 2013.

However, upon relocating to Saudi Arabia in 2014, he was paid $4,500 for seeing a maximum of 5-7 patients daily.

Read his tweets below 👇

“2013, Nigeria I was doing 2 jobs, morning and night, saw 100-120 patients daily in the name of free health.

Month end; Salary- 118,00 naira.

2014, Saudi Arabia

Maximum daily patients: 5-7

Salary : 4,500USD tax free.

I cried after i received cummulative of 4 months Salary.

I went for Job interview, Ministry of health, Saudi.

After the interview, i was asked: “Can we discuss salary?” I was confused.

I mean i was paid 100 naira per hour in my previous job.” He said.

I cried after a received my first salary in Saudi Arabia
“I cried after a received my first salary in Saudi Arabia”
Nigerian doctors salary in Saudi Arabia
Nigerian doctors salary in Saudi Arabia

Some comments

France 77

Went as an attaché doc to Oman for 4 months…. 3600$ a month tax free. See an average of 10 patients a day. Weekends off. If you practice as a doctor in Nigeria, you are doomed to be poor.

Mr Oops

Oga forget those figures, what is actually cost of living in saudia Arabia. When you minus insurance, rents and school fees for kids you will find out that there is no difference.


Lol.. ask him also why he didn’t study medicine in saudi arabia? They study cheap in Nigeria and then cross over to mock same Nigeria…very funny.

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NB: The featured image is representative and not the picture of the Nigerian doctor in Saudi Arabia.


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