Many Nigerian restaurants now use paracetamol to tenderize meat – Dr Olufunmilayo

Nigerian medical doctor based in the United Kingdom, Dr Olufunmilayo, have raised alarm that most restaurants, bukkas and eateries in Nigeria now use the popular painkiller called paracetamol to soften or tenderize meat. He highlighted the dangers of paracetamol toxicity including liver failure and kidney failure. Furthermore, Our Favorite Online Doctor, as he is fondly called by his numerous followers on Twitter pointed out that the this unholy practice might have contributed to the increasing number of people with kidney failure in Nigeria.

Read his thread…..below and the reactions that followed..

IF you still buy food from roadside bukkas and restaurants everyday:


They are using paracetamol to cook meat for you.

This will cause:

Liver damage,

Kidney failure,

Paracetamol overdose,

And death.

I have just read roadside food eateries are putting paracetamol into meat to make it soft “fast”, save their kerosene and cook quickly.

Paracetamol to tenderize meat
Please read this screenshots

While this may sound harmless, Paracetamol is a strong potential poison.

It is ONLY good if used within certain limits- otherwise it kills.

A restaurant owner confirmed this while being interviewed. They use paracetamol to cook meat for people to eat. Especially all those cowleg that is hard to cook, they put paracetamol inside. So if you are a fan of buying cowleg/bokoto at roadside bukka, your life is at risk.

They use it for goatmeat pepper soup. They are using it for meat vegetable soup. They are using it for meat stews in many roadside restaurants all over Nigeria. Boiling paracetamol releases very poisonous substances that destroys the liver and the kidneys. This is terrible.

According to Nigerian Association of Nephrology, about 25million Nigerians have kidney failure. Hypertension is a huge cause but things like paracetamol used for cooking meat are also culprits.

People die from kidney and liver failure, we blame village people – not knowing better.

Bottomline, please I beg you, IF possible, cook your own meat at home. Stop buying food on a daily basis from roadside unregulated restaurants.

If you must buy, buy from a reliable place and never make it a daily habit. Kidney failure will make you bankrupt before it kills you.

Paracetamol to cook meat
Paracetamol to boil meat
Credit: Celebrity Buzz

If your kidney fails, you will need about 3sessions of dialysis and erythropoietin every week to stay alive. About 3 sessions of dialysis is 60,000.

That’s about 250,000 naira monthly apart from other medications and bills.

Kidney failure ruins people before it then kills them.

Please my people, again I appeal to you:

Cook your own meals at home.

Your life is at risk buying food everyday from roadside restaurants.

It may be cheap but you will eventually pay back with your life if you are not careful and sensible.

Thanks for reading.


Adefila Oluyinka

I saw someone remove nail from a dirty wood, throw it in a pot of meat and believes it will soften d meat. Of course, a sachet of paracetamol was also added. Another place, it was a bottle of 7up another caterer used.

Abiodun Rabiu

Thanks Doc & God bless U. Was discussing ur tweet with wifey & she goes “I’ve witnessed a restaurant using sugar to cook spoilt fish” Just wish @NGRPresident & FGN can expand nafdac scope to regulate restaurant & eateries. Nigerians (most) are wicked & will do anything for money.

Elafikwu Elafikwu

But who the teach this people all this nonsense. How earth somebody seat down and come up with use paracetamol to soft hard meat. Why we don’t think safety way but poisonous way.


2weeks ago, my neighbor wan do party na agemawo full the pot, my friend just said get paracetamol joor wen I questioned her she said haba are u just hearing it I told her abt the risk involve but she said no it’s normal.

Adetoro Adetunji

It is because I saw local baker using paracetamol as softener in agege bread that I stopped eating agege bread. The guy said it’s cheaper and readily available.


So it’s not 7up again? Nigerians and useless discoveries sha. Have seen cases where they use 7up to boil meat especially cow meat and I’ll b like Y?? They will say “O ma tete jina” No wonder 60 years in our generation is now a life well spent.

Favoured Christine
I heard even caterers use this paracetamol, some add 7up to the meat and people use it at home too.
We should all stop using paracetamol to tenderize meat. It is unhealthy.


  1. If this strory is true then sensitization of Nigerian citizens against dependency on roadside restaurants must start without delay!. Liver failuers are very serious sickness and should be avoided at all costs. I only hope that those money ritual- minded people will not come accross this killing methods of making it fast

  2. which way Nigeria?
    First, I commend you for this information,
    Paracetamol has a lot of health toxic when the wrong administration is applied talk more of when it passes true unhealthy process which can cause health complications even death.
    Any one who has hand in such action should quit before the wrath of God befall them.

  3. Hi, I find this information very interesting and awakening. Thanks for shearing. People go to any length these days to acquire riches even at the detriment of others without remebering the punishment that awaits them in heaven. May God protect us and our loved ones.
    I also learnt that nowadays many meat sellers and restaurants owners especially in the northern part of Nigeria sell Camel meat in place of cow meat at the same price. This is an unjust comeuppance. I’d advice that authoritive food security agencies should go round, check and curtail this selfish marketing strategies from continuing. Thanks.


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