Funny (non-sexual) uses of Condom, alternative uses of condoms

Can be used in oral, anal and vagina sex. Prevents STDs like HIV, Chlamydia, Genital Warts, Herpes and Gonorrhea. 98% effective in preventing pregnancy.

Funny (Non-Sexual) Uses of Condom
Funny (Non-Sexual) Uses of Condom

Funny (non-sexual) used of condoms….

Water storage

And even apart from sex: Can be used to store water at home- up to 2litres, Can be used as balloons for kids to play with, If you have kids in your home who are on a visit or something, you can use condoms as balloons for them to play;

Sweet football

In Mozambique, children use condoms and rags to make soccer balls for football games, Can be used as a blobber/floater if you go fishing and forgot your blobber.

Great reliever of stress

Can be used as a stress reliever: Feeling a little anxious and stressed – Get a condom and blow air repeatedly into it – take in deep breaths and blow in and out into the condom- it’s a form of relaxation technique that can help you relieve stress. You will be surprised it works.

Prevents POP from getting soaked

If you have a bandage, a P-O-P cast applied on your leg or hand, and you want to have your bath or do an activity and need to protect the bandage/POP from water- you can get a condom and apply it over the place and it keeps it waterproof. You won’t know except you are told.

Water resistant phones

Finally, want to take selfies inside pool and phone isn’t water resistant? Use condom.

Silly uses of condoms
Makes phones water resistant in beaches

Cold Compress

Next time you sprain something, this will provide a cold press that will shape itself to wherever you put it.

Condom for cold compress Condom ice pack

Taking charge of your sexual life

To sum up, condoms come as Male and female condoms- are you aware? And the female condoms are quite good in that it can be used during periods and makes a woman take control of sex by ensuring she’s well protected even if the man doesn’t use a condom. So yeah there’s that also.

Anyway, there’s a lot of sexual and non-sexual uses of condoms beyond preventing STDs and pregnancies. You can try out some of these things. You will be surprised at how much you can learn.

And sorry, the condom oils is NOT a cure for pimples. It’s a scam. Don’t fall for it.


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