What can a woman take immediately after sex to avoid pregnancy?

Let’s first talk of what a lady must not take because it will surely fail:
Not Flagyl.
Not Krest.
Not sprite.
Not alum.
Not salt and water.
Not milk and malt.
Not 7Up and alabukun.
Not Andrew Liver Salt.
Not Beecham ampiclox
Not castor oil
Not Agbo Jedi
Not Alomo bitters
Not Negro Pepper (Uda)
Not honey
Not bitter leaf
Not small stout
Not dry gin
Not alum
Not Guinness stout
Not Odogwu bitters
Not mountain dew
All these things do NOTHING to prevent a pregnancy. So what can she take?
Most of those listed items and a lot more- are actually unfortunate myths pushed by people who mean well but are actually ignorant about the biology and science behind getting pregnant.
So many tried those things and failed- but they keep quiet so more women can fool themselves.
What can a woman take immediately after sex to avoid pregnancy
What can a woman take immediately after sex to avoid pregnancy
Credit: Happy mom
So if you just had sex – What can you use to safely prevent a pregnancy?
There’s a simple answer.
And there is a complex answer.
The simple answer is the Post Pill. (Or what we commonly call Postinor).
Use that immediately after sex and you have more than 90% chance of success.
The PostPill can be gotten at any good pharmacy- simply walk in and ask.
The possibility of being shamed by others at the store should not stop you from getting the PostPill.
Note: Preventing a pregnancy is far safer and better than going for an abortion. Always remember that.
Remember: PostPill has to be used within 72hours of sex. The earlier you use, the more effective it is.
After 72hours, it is better to go and buy baby products and start to check google for cute baby names. This is no joke. If you know you don’t want a baby, Don’t waste time.
Finally, ideally you should NOT use PostPill more than once every 3months – Postinor is NOT vitamin C, you can’t be licking it every Friday on your way back from Elegushi.
That’s excessive and inappropriate use.
And it can mess up your hormones and your period.
Pls beware dear.
If you realise you are needing to use PostPill more than once in 3months,
1. Insist on the guy to use condoms-
2. And go to a family planning clinic around you for advice on safer more reliable longterm contraceptive options.
That’s the best approach. Have a great morning dear.
Thank you


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