Tips on how to effectively bath your dog at home, Tips on effective dog baths!!


Giving your dog bath is actually aimed at removing the unpleasant odor as a result of accumulated dirt or removal of such dirt from the dogs. It also helps your dogs coat shine. There are some special baths that are only recommended by vets for specific reasons.

How often?

Actually you should give your dog bath when needed however frequency should be fair. Excessive bath could remove the natural oils and reduce the immunity of the dog skin and hence could lead to serious skin issues. Once in 2 weeks is a fair and should be adopted.

Effects of Excessive bath

*Change of colour (bleaching) for white coated dogs *dryness of coat

*Lacklustre coat.

*Skin problems ranging from allergic dermatitis, mange, rashes (as a result of reduced skin immunity)

What should you bathe with?

Dog shampoo strictly and only. There are different shampoo for different breeds of dogs hence it’s expedient you consult your vet before purchasing such. Avoid use of Dettol, human shampoo, dish liquid soap, detergent!

Can you give your dog a medicated bath?

NO! It’s a “medicated” bath for a reason. To prevent risk of poisoning from such chemicals used in the bathe, you should only consult your vet in such situations. Baths like this should be done only by recommendation of a licensed vet.

Where can you bathe your dog?

It depends on individual circumstances. For some it’s better outside, and others it could even be in the kitchen or bathroom tub. You can also decide to employ the professional touch of your vet.

Dog bath
Dog bath

What to do before bath?

Comb your dog before bath, trim of tangled hair or knots especially for those whose hair could be matted or easily tangled, as when such gets wet, it would be difficult to comb and increase areas of knots.

After bath?

Don’t tie your dog in the sun in bid to allow to dry! Towel dry well or use hot-air blower to dry your dog and comb your dog! Do the right thing.

Credit: Your Online Vet


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