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UK based Nigerian doctor bears his mind treatment of diarrhoea.

Simple diarrhea does NOT need Flagyl

Simple diarrhea does NOT need Flagyl

Simple diarrhea does NOT need Flagyl.

Simple diarrhea does NOT need Flagyl.

Diarrhea mostly resolves in 7-10days.

ONLY keep taking water, ORS and fruits.

See a doctor if fever/blood in your stool.

Your body mostly has all it takes to fight off diarrhea on its own. Without you taking any medications at all. I know you don’t believe it.

If I was not a doctor too, I would doubt it.

But ladies and gentlemen, that’s the truth actually.

Most cases of diarrhea need NO drugs.

The main issue with diarrhea is that while you are purging- your body loses fluid, water and vital body chemicals.

That is why you feel weak/tired and exhausted. So how to deal with that?

REPLACE the water, fluids and lost body chemicals by:

Drinking ORS

Drinking lots of water.

I do NOT mean diarrhea has to take 7days. What happens is that the diarrhea is usually its worst in the first maybe 2-3 days and afterwards, it slowly resolves.

Many people even find that it has already fully resolved within 3days.

But as doctors we only worry after 10days.

So don’t panic and think “oh the doctor said 7-10 days”, we have all had diarrhoea at some point in our lives and it mostly goes in a few days- sometimes as fast as 2-3 days.

So please don’t misunderstand what I’ve written or misinterprete it to fit into a worst case scenario.

In many cases of simple Diarrhea, they are caused by viruses and this do NOT require any antibiotics. Because antibiotics fight bacteria- not viruses.

And even if bacterial, antibiotics are only medically advised if we as doctors feel that your body struggle to do it alone.

And that’s why if you keep throwing Flagyl at every diarrhoea you get, you are harming yourself. Especially if you are a women. Some cases of actual vagina infections that women have, are treated with Flagyl.

Now when you have over-exposed your body to Flagyl over time, you may make it very difficult for the same Flagyl to now work for you if later in life you actually need Flagyl for a more serious actual bacterial infection.

And same applies to men.

There are certain serious infections that you may later have in life which needs Flagyl.

That’s why AS MUCH AS possible, if you don’t have to use Flagyl- like in most cases of simple diarrhea- then please don’t. Overusing antibiotics especially in situations where it is not absolutely needed is scoring own goals against your own body and you are harming yourself.

I’ve seen cases where people develop a life threatening infection where they actually need antibiotics to save their lives and no antibiotics can work for them (or it takes longer to find one for them).

And sometimes this is due to people misusing and overusing antibiotics.

So back to the simple diarrhea

It’s mostly not a big deal. And it’s usually not as worrisome as it feels. As I stated, the best way to avoid getting tired and exhausted is keep drinking water, get ORS sachets and drink one after every loose stool and try to eat if you can.

The exceptions to what I’ve written is: If you are dealing with a very little child under five years old, especially toddlers under one years old, If you are dealing with very elderly people over 65years, especially over 75, Then please speak with a doctor ASAP.

I will tell you why.

Very young children and very old people tend to not have strong immunity like middle-aged young people.

LOL. I hope he understands Credit:Pinterest

And in this category of people, even a simple diarrhea can make them very ill very fast.

So speak with a doctor who can help you assess them and advise appropriately.

And even in these group of people, in most cases of diarrhea, they do NOT need hospital admission but more often only need closer monitoring, quicker fluid replacement and an understanding that they may need to come to hospital as soon as they start to deteriorate. If they do.

As for others-

If you see blood in your stool,

If you develop very high fever,

If you are not passing urine,

If you are too weak to drink water/ORS,

If you are too exhausted to eat,

If you are becoming drowsy/unconscious,

Please go straight to the hospital.

You may need admission and fluid drips urgently.

I hope this simple note has opened your eyes to simple diarrhea, what to do, why not to misuse/overuse.

Flagyl and when to consult a doctor/hospital for further advice

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Dr Olufunmilayo


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