An article on the Disturbing Doctor patient ratio in nigeria: It is 1 doctor to 6000 patients, and the Statistics of medical doctors in nigeria

Nigeria‘s deplorable ratio of 1 doctor to 6,000 patients, gives rise to long queues, increased waiting periods in hospitals, stressed doctors, nurses, patients and the healthcare system in general.

The current global recommendation is one doctor to 600 people. A poll citing the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), reported that there are about 72,000 nationally-registered Nigerian doctors, with only 35,000 practising. That is, 1 Nigerian doctor sees more than 5000 patients. To make matters worse, 9 out 10 Nigerian doctors are considering work opportunities in America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, United Arab Emirates, and sometimes South Africa.

I dont think the average Nigerian knows the Crisis we are in. Lets create some awareness about our health problems

Here ia the statistical breakdown of the number of doctors in Nigeria backed up with references. ….

Nigeria has 5 hospital beds for every 10,000 persons – WHO; Nov, 2015

Ideal doctor/patient ratio is 1/600, Nigeria has 1/5000 at least – The WHO; Nov, 2015

Total number of active Specialists in Nigeria – The WHO; updated Feb, 2017

• Surgeons – 1,827

• Obstetrician/Gynecologists – 454

• Anesthesiologists – 144

• Dentists – 2464

Nigeria has a ratio of 1 doctor to 6000 people – Vanguard; Jan, 2017

Nigeria needs 237,000 doctors but has only 35,000 – Premium Times; Nov, 2015

2000 doctors leave Nigeria every year – The Guardian; Apr, 2018

Reports have it that there are about 5,000 Nigerian medical doctors currently practising in the United States of America – Nigeria Health Watch, 14 July, 2015

77 percent of Black doctors in the United States are Nigerians – Punch

5,405 Nigerian-trained doctors and nurses are currently working with the British National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom – Pulse, March, 2019

NMA raises alarm over low ratio of doctors to patients – The Nation; Mar, 2018

Africa has a shortfall of 6 million health workers – The WHO, Aug, 2018

1. 237,000 doctors are required for Nigeria to meet @WHO‘s doctor to patient ratio

2. There are more Nigerian doctors serving abroad (Out of 75,000, just 35,000 are in Nigeria)

3. 88% of doctors in Nigeria are searching for jobs abroad.

In Nigeria, there are only 6 doctors for every 100,000 Nigerians, compared to up to 32 doctors per 100,000 in Europe. The World Economic Forum estimates that it may take up to 100 years for Nigeria to attain the same doctorpatient ratio‘s as Europe.

The UK withfar better healthcare facilities, has around 1:320 and is currently begging doctors to come here to work.

The Ministers of Health and Labour who happens to be medical made matters with their reaponse to these shameful ratios

Nigeria’s labour minister, Chris Ngige, in spite of an appalling doctorpatient ratio, says he was not worried about how medical doctors are leaving the country in large numbers, because Nigeria has a “surplus.”

We cant all be Specialists, Some would be Farmers. The man who sews my Gowns is a Doctor – Former Minister of Health (Nigeria), Prof Isaac Adewole.

If this Nigeria Medical statistics don’t shock you, perhaps this Cuba story may: Cuba is so amazing, despite 50 years of US blockade, Cuba has literacy rates of 99.8%, world’s best doctor to patient ratio of 1:123. In similar news, Nigeria’s doctor to patient ratio is 1:6000 with 12 doctors leaving the country on a weekly basis.

I rest my case…

Hope this article has been able to provide answers to this questions below?

1. Statistics of medical doctors in nigeria

2. Number of doctors in nigeria

3. How many doctors per person in nigeria

4. WHO doctor to patient ratio

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Doctor patient ratio in Nigeria
Nigeria’s doctor patient ratio is apalling and must improved on


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