Does waist trainer work? Medical doctor and Social Media influencer @Aproko Doctor has shared on his Twitter handle the dangers of using waist trainers saying it does not help in burning belly fats as rumoured, rather, causes or worsens breathing problems and could be a cause of heartburn.

Read his tweets:

Hope you know that a waist trainer cannot reduce your belly fat? It won’t work It has not worked

You are even suffocating yourself, that trainer is “training” your lungs, not your belly as they can reduce the extent to which your lungs can expand.

Dangers of waist trainers
Aproko Doctor tweets about the dangers of waist corset

No go dey do pass yourself o

Your lungs expand to take oxygen in, this expansion is mostly controlled by your diaphragm, which separates the lungs from the abdomen

When you breathe in, the diaphragm is pushed lower into the abdomen, when you squeeze the abdomen, where will the diaphragm go to?

Think about it.

Waist trainer and the diaphragm
Waist trainer impedes the function of the diaphragm
Depending on the amount of pressure, sometimes, it can force acid from your stomach into your oesophagus.
This can cause heartburn. If you already have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), wearing waist trainers just makes it worse.
Waist trainer
Waist trainer causes or worsens heartburns, a symptom of GERD.
If you want to wear, do not make it too tight, as long as it is not tight, it is probably not causing any harm BUT, DO not wear it for long periods!!!
Some people wear it to sleep
Mannequin wearing corset
If you find it difficult to breathe or feel like fainting, then please loosen your waist trainer.
My contribution
Waist trainer also known as waist corset is the in-thing for ladies these days. Many of them wear it for different reasons ranging from: burning of belly fat, having a figure 8 or hour glass shape, to look beautiful, to reshapen the body, boost public confidence, make clothes fit, for flat tummy, weight loss, decrease appetite (by squeezing up and reducing the stomach size), and for good posture. The wearing of waist trainers have been popularized by female celebrities across the world even though medical experts have warned against the possible side effects or dangers such as heart burns, shortness of breath, damage to internal organs, and gastrointestinal problems.
That hasn’t stopped celebrities like the Kardashians, Princess Shyngles and others from showing off their waist trainers on social media.
Shyngle figure 8 shape
Shyngle popularised “tiny waist” among ladies

Some Reactions

I remembered I wore one to a wedding early this yr, I almost died of suffocation. No be my clear eyes I find wear remove some hooks so I could breathe. Na belle I get I no kill person. My dear, I removed some things they put inside, those things actually injured me. But when I removed them, I could pin them up myself unlike before and I could breathe better than then.

I witnessed someone being cut out of her clothes and waist trainer because she was literally suffocating.

Corset or waist trainer is not healthy.been killing women since the Victorian era. Nor take ur money kill yasef o…..Google Victorian corset death.
NB: Lumbar corset is sometimes recommended medically for the treatment of chronic low back pain. Do not mistake it for waist trainers.
Credits: Aproko Doctor


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