Vero has abused antibiotics and now she have to face the consequences of antibiotics resistance – she lost her life

Read her sad story….

Vero has catarrh >>>>>>>ANTIBIOTICS
Vero has malaria >>>>>>>ANTIBIOTICS
Vero has headache >>>>>>>ANTIBIOTICS
Vero wants to prevent pregnancy >>>>>>>ANTIBIOTICS
Vero wants to wash her blood >>>>>>>ANTIBIOTICS
Vero feels weak small >>>>>>>ANTIBIOTICS
Vero feels better after some days>>>>>> Stop ANTIBIOTICS.

Vero is has won championship in amoxyl, flagyl, ciprotab, red and yellow capsule , white capsule, ampiclox beecham, imipeneme, ceftriaxone, and thalazole. She has a medal on how to use these antibiotics without the doctor’s prescription. Vero even prescribe for her friends to flush out (you know) from their bodies to avoid pregnancy. She is proud of herself.

Few years after, Vero falls sick. Vero arranges ANTIBIOTICS as usual. Unfortunately, Vero did not get better. Vero goes to hospital.

Urine culture test is now like: Resistant! Resistant! Resistant! Vero is resistant to all antibiotics. Vero can’t help herself. Doctors can’t help her. Vero is confused, her doctors are confused. “As e dey pain am, e dey sweet the bacteria”. They have entered her blood and are multiplying, “we have caught her they said and we will kill her”. “She showed us the way and appreciate her for that”. They said. Vero now have sepsis (blood infection) and doctors have used the highest strength of antibiotics yet Vero is still resistant and not responding to treatment. After one month, Vero died. What a sad and painful death. Vero have “ode eshi” to antibiotics but succumbed to a bacteria that penicillin V would ordinarily have cured. The end.

Dear Patient, antibiotic resistance is real. Use antibiotics only when clearly needed and ensure you complete the recommended dose. Also, avoid skipping doses!

Repeated used of Vero is for emphasis. Although a work of fiction, the campaign against antibiotics abuse and resistance is real.

Antibiotics resistance is coming for us all… Consult a physician before using antibiotics. In case you don’t have the time, consult your pharmacist who’s just a distance from your home… The cry for antibiotics resistance is real, and it’s coming.

Of a truth, 700, 000 people die due to antimicrobial resistance yearly. However, 5.7 million people die due to lack of access to the necessary antibiotics.

Antibiotic abuse is one of the things driving antibiotic resistance. Now so many antibiotics no longer work when they are needed.

Antibiotics resistance
Vero is Resistant to antibiotics for cultured Pseudomonas

The picture means that there is no antibiotic that will work for that particular person’s infection. All the ‘powerful’ antibiotics are ‘incapacitated’. When an organism isn’t killed by an antibiotic, we say the organism is resistant to the antibiotic hence antibiotic resistance.

It concerns everyone. Because the person misusing the antibiotic enables the bacteria to develop resistance. So this resistant bacteria is not specific to that person alone but it spreads to all in the community. It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure antibiotics are used right.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of my imagination. If this resembles any actual incident or person, then then it is purely coincidental.

Repeated used of Vero is for emphasis. Although a work of fiction, the campaign against antibiotics abused and resistance is real.

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Bundu Davies (Medical doctor who first shared the story on Facebook)

The Nigerian Health Blog (made and added some changes to the story for your reading pleasure).


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