Just like every other University and Polytechnic graduate, medical doctors also serve their fatherland through the the compulsory National Youth Service Corp program. This they do after their mandatory 1 year horsemanship in Teaching hospitals, Federal Medical Centres, General Hospitals and some established private hospitals.

It is a a common knowledge that NYSC doctor’s salary for different states in Nigeria is not uniform.

This is apart from the normal NYSC allowance of #33,000 Naira which finally implemented in January 31st, 2020 by the Buhari administration in accordance with the upgraded and approved minimum wage of April 2019.

Please Note: NYSC doctors are not medical students, they have graduated from school 2 years before coming to camp. They have their permanent practicing license. Same with nurses, Medical Laboratory Scientists and Pharmacists. A doctor reading this will understand why I had to clear the air on this issue. Don’t call them medical students please…

NYSC Doctor's Salary for different States
NYSC doctors allowance
Credit: Nyscinfo

Now let us continue. Below is the updated salary structure of NYSC doctors across different states in the Federation.👇

NYSC Doctor’s Salary for different States

1. Abia State ( 12k)

2. Adamawa State ( state 64k, FMC 92k)

3. Akwa Ibom State (State 31k, Teaching Hospital 85k, HMB 70k)

4. Anambra State (State 45k, TH 35k)

5. Bauchi State ( State 65k, Teaching hospital 80k, FMC azare 85k)

6. Bayelsa State (State #65k, FMC Yenogoa #98k)

7. Benue State (TH 65k, Police Clinic Makurdi 82k, BSUC #50k, FMC Makurdi 40k)

8. Borno State (Neuropsychiatry hospital maiduguri 90k+, Teaching Hospital Maiduguri :120k
State HMB :Epileptic 100k)

9. Cross River State (General Hospital 35k, Navy Hospital 53k with over work and too much calls, Army Barracks in Ikon 70k, Army Barracks in Calabar 75k, Police clinic 60k: not stressful at all, no work on Sundays; Immigration 30k, UCTH annex 80k, Missionary Hospital in Calabar hardly pays NYSC doctors)

10. Delta State (State ¥82k, FMC Asaba 70k)…one of the highest paying state for corper doctors in Nigeria

11. Ebonyi State (State 25k)

12. Edo State (Central Hospital Benin and other hospitals under HMB is 50k, but general hospitals in Auchi and Environs pay up to 120k plus standard accommodation, UBTH 65k).

13. Ekiti State (State 65k, Teaching Hospital 65k)

14. Enugu State ( Do not pay corper doctors ) including UNTH…why? How do NYSC doctors survive there.

15. Gombe State (State 75k*, Federal University Clinic 103k)

16. Imo State (Imo State Poly 50k, Nekede Poly 60k, Alvan Ikoku COE 60k, State facilities 40k*)

17. Jigawa State (State 26,800k, Dutse GH 40k, TH 45k, Government Clinic 28k, College of Education 85k, Gumel GH 30k)

18. Kaduna State (State 78 – 83k, NDA 80k, DSS 70k, NMS 118k, Jaji 90k, State Poly 108k)

19. Kano State (HMB 76k)

20. Katsina State (FMC 80k, State hospitals 69k)

21. Kebbi State [State 76k, DSS 80k (+ 76k if you are linked up to Sir Yahaya Memorial Hospital), MRS Barracks 139k, FMC Birnin Kebbi does not accept Corper doctors, Police Barracks Hospital – about 80k only, Zuru 223 Army Barracks – 86k + 50k (+ 33k if your document gets to 1st Div. Kaduna. Your document can take up to 1 year to travel from Kebbi to Kaduna), Dentists in Birnin Kebbi region have two options: Sir Yahaya Memorial Hospital Birnin Kebbi (5k + State 76k) and KMC, Kalgo – just the 76k)

22. Kogi State (State 41k*, FMC 87k, Police Clinic 70k, Ajaokuta Steel 105k, State Specialist Hospital 105k*)

23. Kwara State (State 44k*, UITH 60k)

24. Lagos State (LCDA 45k – 55k, FMC 75k)

25. Nasarawa State (HMB 69k, FMC – No payment as at 2019 but current situation not confirmed as they no longer post corper doctors there as at when I camped there in 2019)… They still do not accept corpers as at 2022 December.

26. Niger State (None, pay is based on your PPA if at all)

27. Ogun State (FMC Abeokuta 77k, High Court Clinic 54,382k, St. Joseph’s Hospital 60 – 70k, Gateway Polytechnic Clinic – 40k, OOUTH – 54k)

28. Ondo State (FMC 98k, FUTA 82k, HMB 59k*)

29. Osun State (HMB 50k)

30. Oyo State (State 80k)

31. Plateau State (None, pay is based on PPA and it is between 50 -100k, Wase LGA PHC – 100k, Police Clinic Jos 50k, Plateau State Specialist Hospital 69k, JUTH 71k)

32. Rivers State (HMB 68k, Navy hospital 70k, military hospital 70k)

33. Sokoto State (State 50k, Force 70k, Poly 50k, UDUS 60k, Sultan’s Palace (not sure), Prisons *120k, CCNN 100k)

34. Taraba State (State 50k, FMC 65k)

35. Yobe State ( HMB 100k, military hospital 123k)

36. Zamfara State ( HMB 26k unconfirmed)

37. FCT Abuja (UniAbuja Clinic 72.6k)

38. FORCE (Navy 50k, Army 55k, Airforce 59k)

NYSC Doctor's Salary for different States
An NYSC doctor on duty Credit: Nairaland


1. Amount with * means that the institution does not pay regularly.
2. Amount with ¥ means that payment is done at the end of service year.
3. This is not complete. More input is needed in compiling the list of how much they pay NYSC doctors in different states of Nigeria. I believe that this information will be beneficial to the medical community especially Corper doctors. Thank you.


Med Watch NGR Forum

All NYSC doctors currently serving in 2019 who gave useful information Corp doctors’ salaries – Dr Agbapu Chuks, Dr Chikere, and Dr Sunny.


  1. So in essence House Officers earn more than Nysc Doctors? BTW thank you so much for these articles I’m currently a medical student and these posts have been really eye opening.

  2. Ideally house officers which are on conmess 1/1 are not suppose to earn more than d nysc doctors which are on conmess 1/2.Is just d situation of our government,de don’t pay d full scale for nysc medics

  3. Please any idea of pay , accommodation and workload in NAUTH , Anambra? And does this include state government allowance? Thanks

    • Kogi state govt pays NYSC doctors about #70,000…. Accommodation depends on the hospital you are serving as a corper doctor. Regularity of salary depends on the governor in power. But as I speak corper doctors are not owed salary by the state government.

  4. This is a very nice post Boss. It’s very informational.

    Please, are there any updates on the situations with the hospitals in Gombe and Cross River states?


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