Father beats own child to death in Akure

A social media influencer @YemieFASH has thrown the Nigerian Twitter family into rage after he tweeted about how a father in Akure, Ondo State allegedly beat his own child to death. He also said a woman rushed the baby girl to the hospital but quickly ran off with her corpse when she was certified dead by the doctors on duty even before documentation of her name, age and other details. Many angry Twitter users are calling for justice for the little child while others are wondering why the hospital staff allowed the woman to disappear with the baby even before documentation.

Father beats own child to death in Akure
Father beats own child to death in Akure

I was just called that this child was allegedly beaten to death by the father. Unfortunately the corpse was taken away immediately from state hospital Akure children emergency room, I am going there now to make further enquires. This is so disheartening.

Father kills own child in akure
Father kills own baby, woman ran off with baby’s corpse in hospital

I have reached out to the doctor on duty, he said the woman who brought the child to the hospital grabbed the corpse and ran out of the hospital immediately the child was certified dead. She was not documented before she left. If anyone knows the baby, please call my attention.

The dead baby battered back
Dead baby battered back.
Corpse of the dead baby killed by father in Akure
Baby’s lifeless body


Worlasi @Wiltalker
Replying to@YemieFASH
And the woman grabbed the child n run?? She is probably the one who told them it was the father but maybe she did this herself n fearing the consequences she run with body.
Father beats own child to death in Akure: Reactions
Noble Igbokwe@nobleigbokwe

Replying to@YemieFASH

No need to know the baby, the Dr, security and Chief Nurse on duty should be behind bars by now. How can someone grab a dead child and run off? Someone is not telling the entire truth. Someone in the hospital has information and will speak with “some encouragement”
Replying to@YemieFASH
But the hospital had the time to take pictures? The moment they saw this, they were to make arrest immediately. A lot of Nigerians don’t know citizens have the right to make arrest. This is irresponsible of them. See how I am tearing up here. Exactly…We have a long way to go in this country. Imagine if this was the hospital Patrick Sawyer went to, we would have all died of Ebola by now. Reason why Dr. AMEYO STELLA ADADEVOH deserves the highest national honor available in this country. May her soul rest in peace.
Mr Bonny@Bonny26414168
First of all; The Police should arrest the Doctor and Nurse on seat in that hospital. If you ever find information about the Parent of this child. Please DM me….I will make sure i bribe whoever I can at the top. To beat d Parent of the child till they give up on life. In tears.
Ibezim Million@IbezimMillion
Replying to@YemieFASH
How does a woman grab a child and run away in the presence of a doctor, nurses and hospital guards? The doctor was supposed to hold that woman after seeing the condition in which the child was brought in. So much lapses and carelessness because no one pays for it.
Ngozi Okafor@NkayStory
My stomach is churning.The Dr and Nurse on duty should be in custody already!!,what rubbish! A woman ‘grabbed’ this kid’ lifeless body and ‘ran’ away indeed,under their watch? I dont even want to talk about the monster who killed this sweet,poor child with beating..*crying*
This is heartbreaking! I’m at the hospital right to see a gynaecologist as at 6.50am, we are almost 50 on the waiting list, and someone, somewhere is maltreating his God given gift on a platter of gold.
Culled from Twitter thread started Oluyemi Fasipe


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