NO exercise can grow the penis.

NO medicine can grow the penis.

Your penis stopped growing at 21years.

NO exercise can grow the penis.

No exercise will increase your penile girth

No hand exercise will increase your penis size

You cannot make your pennis grow thicker and longer naturally

No food will increase your penis size

NO medicine can grow the penis.

Your penis stopped growing at 21years.

Whatever you have now is what you will have.

Use it well.

Good morning.

All over the world, people have associated a lot of unrealistic things to penis size.

Both men and women.

Some people have come to see it as the longer/bigger it is, the more fertile, the more masculine, the more stronger, the more courageous a man is.


The size of a man’s penis has NOTHING to do with the strength of a man. Or the fertility of a man. Or the masculinity of a man. Or the value of a man. These are all common myths in a world that is largely ignorant and completely uninformed about the penis- and what it can do.

This obsession with Penis Size is the reason for some unscrupulous drug/herb companies from the roadside sellers to online markets who exploit the ignorance of men who assume that a bigger penis is the missing piece to complete their lives. But sadly, these men are sold lies.

There is NO scientifically proven evidence ANY cream or medication can satisfactorily increase penis significantly. Or even increase it at all. It’s ALL a scam. And a fraud. The men in their posters are already heavily endowed models whose penis grew NATURALLY. And that’s it.

Men literally do CRAZY things just to get a bigger penis. ALL to no avail. Indian mystics known as Sadhus stretch their penis from an early age by hanging weights on it, while the Topinama tribesmen of Brazil will get poisonous snakes to bite their penis in a bid to enlarge it.
Some men think repeated masturbation or certain sex positions like doggystyle will enlarge/lengthen the penis. My brother, don’t die before your time. What you have right now is ALL you will have. Spend your energy on using it properly, rather than waste money on buying lies.
IF somebody is shouting “deeper” “deeper”, “harder”, “harder”, you better tell her to calm down. You can’t go deeper than you are already going. You can’t give what you don’t have. After giving all you have, there’s no “deeper” to go, except you want to dig your own grave.
NO exercise can grow the penis
No drug and NO exercise can grow the penis. Don’t waste your time and money. Credit: Mirror
But seriously, people panic over penis size simply because of pornography and modern cultural myths. What you fail to realise is that the people you see in pornography are NOT average men. For that kind of job, they get the men with the biggest penises. Not the average guy.
So what’s the average penis size? For teenagers, it’s difficult to say what the average is. Because from age 11-18years, a boy’s penis is actively growing. By age 21, it stops growing and it has reached its final size for almost every man. That’s for teenagers, on average.
But what of men? Most men will have a penis size about 9cm when it is not erect. That’s barely 4 inches. And when erect, most men will have a penis size about about 13cm to 18cm. That’s about 5 to 7inches. So all those 9inches, 12 inches men you see in porn, are NOT average.
I need to reiterate again: What you watch in porn, or hear some men talk about is NOT average at all. So don’t feel less of a man, if you measure your penis and it is about 9cm when not erect and between 13-18cm when erect. That is PERFECTLY NORMAL. And no cause for alarm.
On the angle of an erect penis, there is variations. Some face up, some face down, bend right, bend left. ALL of this is normal as long as you can urinate effectively and have sex enjoyably. There is NO cause for alarm. All penises will not sleep and face the same direction.
However if yours is bent is an abnormally curved way and it gives you problems, see your doctor or a urologist. There’s a disease called Peyronie disease that may be responsible for this. Don’t take it lightly and see your doctor to sort this out as soon as possible.
Another thing to talk about is how men themselves view their penises that gives them low self esteem. Actually if you look at your penis yourself from the top, it would look smaller than it actually is. So your brain messes with you and makes you think oh you have a small penis.
The best way to have an objective view is to stand in front of a mirror and see what is in the mirror. That’s what someone else will see while looking at you and that tells you the truth. I’m just trying to tell you that your worries are actually sometimes exaggerated.
And you know the funny part to all this? It is that DESPITE all I’ve said, many men still want a bigger/longer penis. Lmao. A research by Professor Kevan Wylie of Sheffield University using 50,000 men and women showed that 45% of men want bigger penis, and 85% of women are okay with their spouse/partner’s penis size.
So what does that imply? The craze for bigger/longer penis is mainly a psychological anxiety in the minds of men. Even the women are mostly not bothered and they are okay with it. That’s actually what the fact is.
And to add to all this, A bigger penis doesn’t mean better sex. A longer penis doesn’t mean higher fertility. A huge penis doesn’t actually mean anything at all. If we are being very factual and objective.
Carry your Tiger Battery with pride. And use it to its maximum potential.
Anyway, I hope this short write up has helped reassure you that you don’t need to worry about your penis size.
The function of penis is:
  • To urinate
  • To have sex (for children/pleasure). As long as you do those two with no problems, you are fine and good.
Don’t worry yourself.
In summary, NO exercise can grow the penis.
Thanks for reading.
Please write your experiences and feel free to ask questions.
Yours sincerely,


  1. I’m 19 years old and my penis is very small in comparison with what I see all my mates in school(University) have.Although I learnt from your article that penis normally stop growing at age 21. So I have less than 2years to see my penis grow bigger.I have observed that the insignificant growth in my penis has been as a result of poor feeding during my teenage years, but I wish I had an average or more penis size by age 21.


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