An 18- year old teenager by name Philla Phong@phillaphong has called on Twitter family and indeed Nigerians for help over the repeated domestic violence and domestic abuse he has been suffering for the past couple of months from his biological father. He passionately plead for help and direction as his predicament is giving him suicidal thoughts.

Read his story below…….. …

“Someone should pls save me….I’m suffering from domestic violence…my biological dad hates me and is threatening to kill me….we have never had good rapport. He left me as a child at 18months and sent my mum away so my grandma has been taking care of me.

We just used to talk on phone since…then he came home around January..since then he do beat me and molest me he says he is a cultist and would kill me even though my grandma still begs him to calm down …yesterday night was when he broke the camels back…

I was watching tv and he came in and saw me watching it and he got vexed and said why was I watching that particular channel (Disney)and I was surprised at that query then out of annoyance he went to the kitchen and broke a ceramic plate and jumped on me and started stabbing me… I shouted for help because my grandma was in the room she rushed outside and begged him to leave me he said he wanted to kill me that I was bewitched and I was sent to him …..but due to my Grandma’s begging he left me alone and my grandmother helped me to treat the bruises

Domestic violence
The young man bleeding from stab wounds. He is calling for help.
Domestic abuse
Stab wounds

This morning he came to my room and asked why I didn’t go to school and I told him that I cannot go with that condition even grandma said I mustn’t leave the house he got annoyed and started beating me again till I shouted and he wanted to break my phone but my grandma saved me

Grandma took me to the hospital where I was treated I was given up to 18 stitches around my body due to the cuts …pls someone should save my life my dad hates me I don’t want to die pls …I don’t want ur money all I want is ur help pls help me he has promised to make me sad.

He even went ahead to tell my friends that I stole money and I do beg for food which I don’t please save me….I am a victim of domestic violence and I am depressed …he said that he will not let me have rest I should have taken pictures yesterday but I was so weak so I just took two.

I’m 18 yrs …my dad ran out of the house (his own parents) for the past 40 yrs so after we all pleaded for him to come back he came back this January…but presently I’m at my aunts house hiding. I have never seen my mother before”.

My opinion: Please this young teenager needs all the help he can get from us Nigerians. This domestic violence from the father he never knew as a child is enough to make him sad, depressed, develop a post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and suicidal thoughts, attempt or suicide. Domestic violence is both a criminal and a mental health issue.


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