Is sleep paralysis a spiritual attack? Is sleep paralysis supernatural? Metaphysical explanation for sleep paralysis.

Medical doctor and social media influencer @aproko_doctor yesterday took to his social media handle to enlighten the public on the concept of sleep paralysis dispelling the long held beliefs in religious circles of a spiritual attack or phenomenon.

His tweets and reactions below….👇

Are “they” pressing you in the night?

Do you suddenly wake up not being able to move? Before you run for deliverance, before you give testimony in church, read this…

You might not be possessed

You may just have sleep paralysis.

Sleep what???

When we dream, our body switches off the ability to move so that we don’t injure ourselves acting out the dreams

When we wake, that ability is switched on.

Sleep paralysis
sleep paralysis spiritual connection

But sometimes the switch get problem, and we wake up paralysed.

This is terrifying, imagine being awake but not able to move.

You’re more likely to have sleep paralysis:

If you sleep on your back

If you’re not getting enough sleep

If you’re stressed or depressed

Or you have a sleep disorder

Sometimes genetics are implicated…

Here are a few ways that may help prevent sleep paralysis

1. Get enough sleep

2. Avoid caffeine just before bed time

3. Avoid noise or lights.

4. Pay attention to your mental health

Some drugs can be used to prevent or manage sleep paralysis

These drugs can reduce the REM sleep which is where most of the incidences occur.

Talk to your doctor

In other cases, if someone suddenly wakes up gasping for air, or run to a window. it may not be sleep paralysis, but may occur when the lungs are filled with fluid

This can happen in Heart failure, and becomes better if the person sits upright for a while.

Talk to a doctor

Reactions/Responses/Personal testimonies to sleep paralysis phenomenon

Dr Udomoh@DrUdomoh
Taiwo Layor Akinrimisi@LayorTaiwo
10,000 People@Dah_Frame
Morenike (Mo_senteur)@Olori_Renike

So you mean I was dragged to MFM deliverance ground, did 3 days fasting for sleep paralysis? You mean it wasn’t spiritual husband trying to cuddle me? Obara Jesus!!

Mercy Nwaokoro@NwaokoroMercy
I was a regular customer to this sleep paralysis, waking up from sleep and I will be feeling useless like Julius berger built a sky scrapper on me and someone taped my mouth…. I will be shouting hearing my self but no one is hearing a thing, I thought it was evil spirit then.
Chi Ne Du@Thatigbogirl
Jewel Stanley@ShamarWoman

When I found out about sleep paralysis, I felt stupid for wasting blood of Jesus.

I used to experience this a lot as a child and whenever I explained to my African mother, she’d say a wall gecko had stood on my shadow in the night.
Oge Lady- time@deoxybooty
Pls face ur medical sides before you lead people to their early graves. Witches/ wizards are real. If you have the aforementioned problems go for deliverance.
Prisca Ofure Osiki@ceefure
From the responses, rebuttals and personal testimonies, you can now see that sleep paralysis exist and a lost of persons initially thought or still ascribe it to a spiritual attack or supernatural causes.


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