Can parents with AA give birth to SS?

Can AA genotype parents give birth to AS child?

Can AA and SS genotype give birth to SS

Can genotype change over time

So guys, a Twitter user and social media influencer that goes by the name of O.V.A.tion™ has shared on her handle a real life situation or experience according to her. She tweeted about a real life scenario where the genotype of a husband is AA, that of the wife is AA but the genotype of the baby turns out to be SS. This is NOT possible scientifically so I guess that is the reason she took to her social media handle to ask how but she made a mistake by blaming it on the woman a.

Here is her tweet below and the reactions, responses and reasons she got for the the possible causes of this scientific “miracle”.

Fear woman!!!

Husband AA, wife AA, New born baby SS? How???”

Can parents with AA give birth to SS?
Can parents with AA give birth to SS? She tweeted.

Reactions and possible reasons from Twitter users (names attached and bolded)

Henry: Gotta delete this Fam. You over reaching with the assumptions. I’m here to tell you that it’s no fault of the “mother”

Amen Samson: I fear your mind… look everywhere, carry blame give the woman (AA). What of the hospital may don give her another person pikin? You ask if na IVF or adoption? Fear God ooo. Woman no be your problem. Na your mind dey do yam pepper scatter scatter.

Murjaatu: LOL even if she had an affair with someone who is SS she couldn’t have a baby that is SS rather it would be AS. But cases like this is very rare and it is caused by a de-novo mutation.

Chiquito: Common things occur commonly.

1. Swapped baby

2. Crypto scam

3. Wrong lab results for both partners

Tamunotonye: “Fear women? LOL. Have you thought of the possibility that baby was swapped. If the woman is actually AA, and she had sex with SS or AS. The baby should come out as AS and not SS. Women always blamed. What if they even got their own genotype results wrong? Sigh. No! First assumption- she cheated”.

Kris Kong: “She bought the baby. Cos, there’s no way in hell that she and her husband are AA and she comes up with baby that’s SS. Dumb post”.

Vierah:One of of them is not bn faithful abt his or her genotype in this case. But why do you think it’s the woman that is at fault here @Dre_Ova?? Women are always the one at the receiving end in anything that go wrong in a relationship or family… Why?”

Olufunmilayo: “That child is obviously not for the woman also but as usual you people always come up with nonsense just to shame women”.

Blessing Abaja: “Even if she cheated she can’t give birth to an SS because she’s an AA except she’s an SS cheating with an As .. so it’s a wrong lab test , or you don’t have your facts right”.

September Man: “Even if the woman cheated its impossible for her to give birth to an SS Child when she is AA, someone is not being honest here about their genotype”.

Elder Richie(Dr): “If you are insinuating that the woman cheated, Then its shows you are very ignorant of the whole Genotype thing. Going through the comments and seeing others like you break my heart to see that educated people still have no clue about hemoglobinopathies”.

Ken Ibn Hussain: “No! I think what we should be afraid of is this disease that you have called ignorance and those fingers that are too quick to type nonsense. A woman with an AA genotype cannot give birth to an SS child even if she sleeps with the founder of Sickle cell”.

Daddy Gee Hoe: “They both weren’t AA before, it’s wrong laboratory results that caused it.”

Salau Bankole MSC: shared a sad, similar and personal story but ascribed the cause to wrong genotype results from the lab. He tweeted: “Absolutely right. My wife and I were given AA before the marriage. Our first Son is SS”.

“We were shocked. We went for fresh test and came out AS for both of us in three different Laboratories. We are 10yrs in the marriage. The other kids are AS and AA.”

“We cried for 3days. She thought i will file for divorce. I told her to remain calm. We trusted in God and prayed. Behold we are happy together. Most thankfully to God that the boy only got admitted once and never for once been given blood. AS and AS marriage is possible with God”.

Devaan Mom: “Before jumping to conclusions they should re-do their genotypes. One or other may have lied before marriage or the test results were wrong. My doctor whose wife is a nurse has an SS. When I challenged him, that was the story. Wrong genotype results”.

Roberta Ukaga: “Fear women how? Even if she’s AA, there’s NO WAY she’ll have an SS child.

1. Either they both lied about their genotype or just not actually sure(my mama tell me say I be AA)

2. Their child was switched in the hospital

3. This is a major biological issue and should be researched.”

The duchess: “It is highly impossible. The only case it would have been possible is if the mother was AS, or SS. Then she probably cheated with someone and the baby became SS. But under no circumstance is this possible. Another possible scenario is if the baby was switched in the hospital.”

Adebukola: She shared a story of how she was wrongly told she was AA only for her to find out she was actually AS later. She said: “It’s not always about women pls. I’ve always thought I was AA too not until I got pregnant. My previous Genotype results has always been AA. I have to go to two other labs to confirm when they gave me AS result at the hospital. And it turned out AS. Funny enough hubby is AS too”

Medical Doctor, Dr. N. T. A. Azeez with a personal experience on wrongly diagnosed genotype concludes….

“Let me tell you my story maybe it may help a bit. When I met this damsel, I liked her and the feeling was reciprocal. She was AS and I did my genotype thrice with a mixture of AA and AS from different labs. A better equipment resolved it. Morals:dont conclude yet abt d woman.”

“If this could happen to me as a doctor, imagine what would be the lots of a lay person. Were the initial genotypes done at the same lab simultaneously? Have they repeated the genotype probably with a better technique? It may still end up as infidelity but don’t conclude yet.”

“See, before we start talking of remote possibilities, the mantra is ‘common things occur commonly’. I think all the genotype should be rechecked with a better technique. Then, we can now take it up. My humble opinion.”

Can parents with AA give birth to SS?

The end…


  1. since this is a twitter hndle, this could be play with our intelligence. however, if the man and the woman are AA, and that there own test was original to be AA, also that the child was not swapped when the mother was in comma, then God is proving something for man to learn. I have checked de novo mutation as well to know that this de novo mutation is a genetic alteration that is present for the first time in one family member as a result of a variant (or mutation) in a germ cell (egg or sperm) of one of the parents, or a variant that arises in the fertilized egg itself during early embryogenesis. Language is dynamic that with time it changes. if many years ago we had genotype without de novo mutation, could this mean that we will still have another name for a particular occurrence we know nothing about?

    • God bless you please.
      People think cannot change things the way He wishes.
      They quickly forget that God created the so-called “genotype” sef


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