“Urine can cure Apollo”

“Urine can cure pimples”

“Urine can cure cancer”

“Urine can give long life”

ALL the above are myths and lies.

There is NO medical evidence for it.

Apollo usually goes on its own.

Urine is toxic.

It can make you blind.

NEVER drink it or put in your eyes.

Okay since there’s a lot of questions on Apollo and there seems to be firm belief in the fact that urine works.

Let me explain a few things and let me clarify.

Many of us especially in Nigeria, during our childhood when we knew nothing better, all thought WRONG it was the urine.

What is “Apollo”?

It is medically termed Conjunctivitis.

That simply means an inflammation of the conjunctiva- that’s the layer that covers the front of the eye and lines the inside of the eyelids.

That’s the simple definition.

So it’s that swollen red layer that we call Apollo.


But what causes Apollo?

There are three broad causes- Viruses, bacteria and allergies.

When caused by a virus, it tends to be very watery and gritty sensation in the eyes; when caused by bacteria, it tends to have a yellowish sticky discharge.

That’s a simple way to know.

If allergic, the person is reacting badly to something in the environment like dust, or pollen.

Regardless though, ALL forms of Apollo causes red painful eye.

But it’s important to know these different possible causes, because the cause determines treatment.

Do you get that?

Now viral apollo can last for up to 14-21 days. It does NOT respond to antibiotic eye drops and goes away ON ITS OWN- treatment or no treatment.

Actually, this is what most of us had/have.

And that’s why you say “eye drops didn’t work for one week but urine worked after”.

That’s because viral Apollo (is caused by viruses not bacteria) and will never respond to antibiotic eye drops.

And usually when it’s time for it to go on its own, if you applied urine around same time, you assume the urine made it go.

That was pure coincidence.

Nothing more.

Home remedy

Bacterial Apollo responds to antibiotic eye drops. And that may also take up to two weeks as well.

But it responds.

Allergic Apollo being an allergy will only respond to antihistamines- tablets/eyedrops that help combat allergies.

But regardless of treatment, these things go.

So bottom line- Apollo regardless of the cause, usually still goes on its own. Without treatment. Especially if it’s viral.

So while you may try all sorts of things including urine, it’s actually mere coincidence, it’s not the urine that “cures” it.

Also breast milk or onion slice will not cure Apollo.

It goes on its own itself.

It’s important to say this because urine itself is considered to harmful, dangerous and toxic to the eyes.

Urine can worsen the Apollo, give you eye irritation, you can get an STD eye infection like Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, you can become blind as well.

Please be careful out there.

An evidence to further prove my point

And no, you cannot get Apollo from looking at someone else.

No need to start looking away.

But you can get it if you share towels, pillows, bedsheet, handkerchief, shake hands, kiss or have any intimate personal contact without washing your hands with soap and water regularly.

And for the person with the Apollo- Wash hands regularly.

Don’t rub eyes- it worsens it.

Don’t share personal items like pillows, towels or handkerchiefs with anyone.

Wear dark sunglasses outside to protect your eyes from sun rays.

Take out your contact lens till it’s cleared.

I rest my case with the image below. .. .

Urine, breast milk or onion slices will not cure Apollo

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Olufunmilayo


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