How do you effectively get rid of head lice or hair lice? Well a lady went about it the wrong way. Why did I say say this? Well read below….

It was a sad and shocking news that went viral on various newspaper outlets, media houses and the social media about the death of a certain corp member who died mysteriously following her use of sniper (ddvp) to wash her hair because of heavy infestation by lice.

Please read the story yourself…… as told by PM news.

A female member of the National Youth Service Corps scheme serving in Osun State, Ayomikun Ademorayo Juliana, on Sunday died after she reportedly washed her hair with Sniper, an insecticide, to eliminate lice.

Ayomikun was serving with the Osun State House of Assembly, according to some reports on Facebook.

The Punch reported that Ayomikun, an orphan, discovered lice in her hair while preparing for a new hairdo to mark her birthday on July 18.

Head lice
Corp member that died from head lice treatment sniper poisoning.
Credit: Legit

The discovery greatly unsettled her so much that she was advised to apply sniper as an antidote. She reportedly took the sniper to her hairdresser, to apply on her hair.

But the sniper triggered an unexpected reaction. According to a Facebook account, blood started coming out from her mouth, nose and ears. The first hospital, where she was taken rejected her, before being admitted at Our Lady of Fatima Hospital, in Osogbo.

PUNCH Metro said the doctor on duty declared her dead on arrival.

Ayomikun was an orphan with two dependent siblings. One is in secondary school and the other in a primary school in Lagos.

Reacting to the sad incidence, Dr. Olufunmilayo, a UK based Medical doctor and social media influencer shared to his followers on Twitter simple and effective ways to treat head lice without complications. He also shed light on the mode of transmission of head lice.

Below are his tweets……

HEAD LICE: What to do…

Wash the hair with a lot of shampoo and conditioner.

While still wet, get a fine-toothed comb and comb it thoroughly for 15mins every 3 days for two weeks.

If the above fails, or is too stressful: Cut the hair.

See a doctor for head lice sprays.

I don’t recommend camphor. It can cause poisoning just like sniper.

Hair lice
Hair lice
Credit: YouTube

Garlic, coconut oil, neem oil, mayonnaise , olive oil, tea tree oil and petroleum jelly have been cited as effective in treating head lice but I do not recommend them.

Please do not pour kerosene, or spray sheltox, raid or any other insect repellent on your hair so as to get rid of head lice. I beg you.

Relaxing your hair kills the eggs and the lice:It works.

Head Lice is coming back because more women stopped using relaxers

So if you have head lice: Apply relaxers- it kills them off.

If you want to keep your hair natural: Wash it everyday with shampoo and heat-dry it.

Or look for head lice sprays at the pharmacy.

People say peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil will sort you out faster. But I cannot verify this.

Over-the-counter drugs for head lice are malathion lotion, benzyl alcohol, lindane shampoo , permethrin lotion, and pyrethrins.

How do you get head lice?

Head lice and other types of lice are usually gotten and easily spread from one individual to another.

It is not caused by poor hygiene as some people think.

Sharing of personal items like combs, scarves, brushes, helmets, caps, headphones, pillows and clothing can spread hair lice and other types of lice too.

Pubic lice can also be spread through sexual contact.

You can only get lice from a human; pets do not get infested by hair lice and therefore cannot spread lice.

Please this is NOT a substitute for seeing a qualified medical doctor.

Read more on this topic here.

Thank you.


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