Let me teach you something on first aid for weed overdose.

NEVER pour water on a drugged person.

NEVER pour water on a drugged person.

NEVER pour water on a drugged person.

NEVER pour water on a drugged person.

This video is very saddening to watch.

Water can go into their nose/lungs and kill them. What should you do here?

Please note that the advice I would be sharing here is what you should do if you were at a club or a place where someone suddenly passes out from having too much weed, alcohol, spiked shisha or drugs. It’s the same approach to use.

Please read carefully and share to for others.

A bit of background.

According to the story, this person has taken weed which has caused them to pass out.

It’s good to know that some people can become unconscious or semi-conscious from the use of drugs, alcohol, some herbal drinks and things like weed.

So what should you do?


1. Crowd Control:

Tell the Crowd to move back a little

Overcrowding a victim may deprive them of air, worsen their breathing and generally fuel unnecessary chaos that can delay medical attention and intervention necessary to save their life.

2. Check for Danger.

Look around the victim and make sure that everywhere is safe. Remove sharp objects and broken bottles around them.

3. Loosen their clothes a little.

If they are wearing eg suit with shirt and tie. Remove the suit and loosen the tie.

Don’t strip them naked o.

4. Lie them flat on the floor.

Flat on their back.

Never lie a semiconscious or collapsed person down on their face.

You may kill them faster as they struggle to breathe. So lie the person flat on their back.

5. Now if you are more than two tell someone to call an ambulance.

First aid for weed overdose
First aid for weed overdose.

If you are with someone else, tell them to call an ambulance straight away.

Or if you are alone, call yourself.

There’s no time to waste.

Say the exact address of where you are, what has happened and drop your number for them to call back.

This should not be more than 1minute.

Call the ambulance or for help.

6. Next is Quick ABC Check.

Check the airway. Tap and call them by name.

If they respond, the airway is ok.

If they don’t respond, check inside the mouth- if any food particles or dentures, remove it.

Next is breathing.

Are they breathing on their own?

Is the chest moving?

Kneel down close to the person’s face.

Put your cheek close to their nose- can you feel them breathing?

If they are breathing, that’s good.

If they are not breathing or the breathing is very irregular and abnormal, that’s not good at all.

If breathing, it means a good sign.

Chest movements

Next thing is Circulation. Feel for a pulse.

Put your first two fingers of your hand on the side of their neck or the lower inner part of their wrist.

If you feel a pulse, count it for a minute.

If it’s between 60-100 beats in one minute, that’s good.

If no pulse, that’s bad.

First aid for marijuana overdose
Check the radial pulse or carotid pulse. First aid for weed overdose

Usually for a person, who has just had weed/alcohol and passed out- they will be breathing and have a pulse.

They may just be unresponsive when you call them.

For these people, DO NOTHING.

Don’t pour water on them.

Don’t shake them repeatedly.

Just get them to hospital.

So just support them to lie on their side (the recovery position) while you wait for an ambulance or car to take them to hospital.

The recovery position helps them to prevent aspiration which may kill them if they vomit while semiconscious and they mistakenly swallow it.

Recovery position
Recovery for for first aid

However IF you notice that the person looks lifeless, no breathing, no pulse- then that’s a cardiac arrest.

Immediately you have to start to do Chest Compressions and Rescue breaths.

Hope you still remember how to do it from my lessons here a few days ago?

Anyway in case you didn’t see that writeup or you need a bit of reminder, this is it here attached.

It teaches you step by step how to do CPR and Chest Compressions in a person with a possible cardiac arrest.

But as I said this is very unlikely.

Most people who pass out from too much alcohol or weed are usually breathing and have a pulse- only that they are semiconscious.

Just check and put them in a recovery position. Then get them to hospital.

That’s ALL you need to do.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Olufunmilayo


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