Why do persons bitten by dogs bark like a dog? A doctor known online as Aproko doctor™ explains all the rabies symptoms..

So a patient of Rabies was barking like a dog, while this is not a common presentation of rabies The Rabies virus enters the brain and starts to form these symptoms, once it enters the brain, the chances are survival from Rabies are small and the patient dies.

When an infected dog bites a human being, the virus enters the peripheral nerves and starts to make its way into the CNS, that is the brain and the spinal cord.

The length of time it takes for this to happen depends on the distance of the bite from the CNS and the amount of virus.

Dogs are not the only animals that can be infected with Rabies, even cats can be rabid, bat’s, raccoons, skunks. After a person is bitten, the virus starts to incubate in them, during this period they may not show any symptoms at all. Normally, its just between 20-90 days.

However in some people, rarely, they incubated it for 19 years, so 19 years after they were bitten They could not even remember the bite in the first place. Once Rabies is confirmed in a person, they would most likely die! Yes Rabies is that deadly!

They may start to itch around the area they were bitten or have pain, this is usually a very positive sign that a person may have Rabies, then, they may have symptoms like:

Not eating





Sore throat







Once it enters the brain, they can have 2 forms, one is a furious form, the other is a paralytic form.

The furious ones will have agitation, hyperactivity, restlessness, thrashing, biting, confusion, or hallucinations and may even bark like a dog, (We do not know them to bark). But could also be caused by laryngeal spasms. Hence the bark sound

But there are cases of them barking, followed by times of quietness that do not last about 5 minutes. Then this process starts all over again. They also exhibit was is called hydrophobia, (fear of water).

The other form called the paralysing form or dumb rabies is when these patients become paralysed from the onset, and fever and headache will be seen in these patients.

Can occur in 20% of people with rabies.

The affected person, whether furious or paralysed may enter a coma within 10days, without intensive care and support, their breathing stops and they die.

How to prevent rabies.

Rabies is 100% preventable in humans.

Vaccinate your animals regularly.

Take note of stray animals in your locality.

If you get bitten, run the wound under water immediately and go to the hospital.

You’ll be given a Rabies vaccine immediately and tetanus toxoid vaccine.

Not only through bite… You can contract rabies if the saliva of a rabid animal get into open wounds, cuts, abrasion…. Also take the full dose of the vaccine, which are DAY 0, 3, 7, 21, 28……. and in some cases booster dose 1yr after…

The person in the video. Was reported to have been bitten about 2 weeks ago. Probably did nothing or did not have access to the vaccine. And sadly, he has been reported dead a while ago.

Important Notice! This video was taken with the permission of the patient’s father before it was shared by the managing doctor. The aim is to educate people on the need for animal care and vaccination. Also to encourage prompt treatment of wounds and animal bites.

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