I got this mail from a reader of this blog making enquiries about the cost of HSG, the procedure and other things. Read below….

Goodafternoon Doctor, I am a viewer of your blog posts and they are very detailed and informative. Thank you for your good works and continue using your medical knowledge to help people. Sir, I have been happily married for 3 years now though with no issue yet. We have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years now with difficulty. My husband thinking he was the cause went for seminal fluid analysis and the results was interpreted normal by the doctor. However, I was diagnosed of a suspected complicated pelvic inflammatory disease. Yes, I had an episode of vaginal infection in the past which went away on its own without medications. My doctor said she suspects that vaginal infection must have been PID and since I did not treat it, it might have lead to the blockage of my Fallopian tubes. She said tubal blockage may be responsible for my inability to conceive and requested i do a Hysterosalpingography (HSG) test to confirm the diagnosis. She advised me that HSG test will help check the patency of my tubes as well as show the ‘inside’ of my womb.

Doc, i learnt HSG test is done in Nigeria, but what is the cost, where can I do it, what are the compications, is it painful?, will i bleed? and what does it entail?

………..Joke from Lagos Nigeria……..

My reply…

Thank you Joke for your message and kudos for seeking help for your inability to conceive medically. Tubal blockage is one of the complications of poorly treated or untreated pelvic inflammatory disease. It is said that 1 in 8 ladies who have had PID may have difficulty getting pregnant (infertility) in future.

There is no way your doctor will make a definitive diagnosis of tubal blockage without requesting for a HSG test. Hysterosalpingography is the confirmatory test for tubal blockage. Other important tests for tubal blockage are tubal insufflation and laparoscopy.

Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is best performed between day 7 and day 12 of a 28 day cycle. Some doctors recommend you come for the test on day 10, counting from the first day you notice your menstrual flow. Meaning if your period started on the 1st of June, you are expected to go for your HSG test on the 11th or 12th of June.

A water soluble radio-opaque contrast medium is preferable although oily medium is sometimes indicated. It is an outpatient procedure (requires no hospital admission) and must be in a very clean or sterile environment to avoid infection. No special preparations is required but i will advice you to wear a big gown that day to make undressing easy.

You can eat before going for the test.

Sometimes, if you are anxious, you may be given some analgesics and sedatives plus antispasmodics may be required to calm your uterus and fallopian tubes from spasm or contraction.

Thereafter, a uterine cannula containing the contrast medium is passed gently through your vagina and contrast injected into your womb and fallopian tubes and radiographs taken. In some centres, the procedure will be viewed directly with an image intensified television fluoroscopy and this is far better and more accurate.

When properly performed, valueable information can be obtained which include tubal blockage and the part of the tubes that is blocked and the cause, anomalies with the uterus, Asherman’s syndrome, tubal polps, pelvic adhesions and more.

HSG procedure is not totally devoid of complications, which include uterine perforation, bleeding, pain, shock, allergic reactions and intravasations. These are rare with a skilled doctor.

The cost of HSG is about #25,000 to #40,000 naira depending on the location, diagnostic centre or hospital. The procedure is done in major labs and hospitals across Nigeria.

Since you are in Lagos, I will advice you go to any of the teaching hospitals, diagnostic centres or fertility clinics like Bridge, Nordica, Omvia etc. in Lagos.

For those in Benin, Lily Hospital, Raytouch, Union diagnostics, St. Bridget, Sharon diagnostics, Echolab, UBTH .etc. does hysterosalpingogram.

Updated: For those of us that have called to ask where to do HSG test in abuja, you can have this test done at Nordica Fertility Clinic, Nisa Premier Hospital, Grabbo Fertility Centre, Vine Clinic and National Hospital Abuja.

For ladies in Port Harcourt, you can do you HSG at UPTH, Bridge Fertility clinics, CareWoman fertility clinic etc

I hope this was helpful? Thank you.

Look and the fallopian tubes, the right tube is blocked while the left one is patent-HSG

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  1. Good morning doctor, please anytime I had sex with my husband the sperm always pured out of my body. Please what is the cause. Thanks

  2. Good afternoon doctor…
    My wife had a miscarriage of 10weeks in October 2019 and we did a scan at two different lab and they both said nothing is there anymore and up till now we are still trying but my question is do we still need to flush her womb for another pregnancy to enter

  3. Good morning doctor, my menstruation have stop since 3yrs ago and I have done a lot for me to see it and I have done many scan but then suggest HSG test and am living in Ogun State. Pls can you help me with where to do it bcos am confused.

  4. Hi doctor, am Adeswa from Abk, I had an ectopic pregnancy and was operated last year June, after the operation, I was told that one of my tubes was damaged, that means I av only one tube fuctioning, this is my fear……
    Since last year, av never got pregnant for once, and am scared….
    This are my questions: can i get pregnant with one tube?
    How soon can i get pregnant?
    What’s the chances of getting ectopic pregnancy?
    Do I need to go for the HSG test or not yet….
    Pls doctor help me

    • I understand your fears but dont worry, you can still get pregnant with one functional fallopian tube. The risk of ectopic pregnancy is always there for any woman….be patient. If this truly disturbs you, please see a gynaecologist. She/he will determine whether you need a HSG test done. Thank you .

  5. Gud morning, my heart is heavy , been trying to conceive since January 2020 , whenever my husband meet, the sperm leaks out even when I stay up to an hour or so , immediately I stand it leak and I have not even miss my period not once , I have done urine culture and nothing is found, please what type of test can I and my husband do

  6. Good afternoon doctor, I had a miscarriage February 2018 and I went for evacuation to completely remove the remains. I’ve been trying to concieve since then but to no avail. I have been having itchy discharge that refuses to go with medical attention. I did series of tests and I was diagnosed of candida albican and UTI. I took prescribed drugs and followed all instructions but the itchy discharge will go and come back. I noticed since I did the complete evacuation that I usually have this itchy discharge during my ovulation period with a growling lower belly accompanied with lower back ache which made it difficult for ***** to stay. Please help me, what can I do?


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