Monistat is the brand name of miconazole, a potent drug used for the treatment of almost all forms of fungal skin infections called dermatophytosis and vaginal infections e.g candidiasis.

It is reputed to relieve symptoms 4X faster than other antifungals.

Monistat brands ranges from 1-7. Monistat 3 contains tioconazole.

Medical Uses of Monistat

Miconazole is used for the treatment of all forms of ringworm or dermatophytosis e. g.

  • Ringworm (lapalapa)
  • Pityriasis versicolor (eczema)
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Jock itch (ringworm of the groin)
  • Times corporis (ringworm of the body)
  • Tinea capitis (ringworm of the scalp)
  • Vaginal candidiasis (yeast infection). It treats yeast infection in 7 days.
  • Oral candidiasis(oral thrush)
  • Angular cheilitis– an inflammation and tear of the corners of the mouth👄 . It could be itchy and painful.
  • Research has shown miconazole to be helpful in the remyelination of nerves in model rats. If clinical trials are successful, the drug will become helpful to those suffering from multiple sclerosis.

One of the complications of ringworm of the scalp is loss of hair (alopecia).

Application/Direction for use

Monistat is applied topically as cream or ointment or inserted into the vaginal as pessaries and orally as tablets.

For ringworm infection, wash the affected skin thoroughly with water 💧 and dry area with a clean cloth before application.

Do not use tampons, douches, spermicides or other vaginal products after application of the pessaries.

For fungal scalp infection (lapalapa or kpanighogho), shave the area or shave everything in the head wash very well, dry before applying monistat.

Monistat is considered safe in pregnancy. It will not affect your unborn child. Diabetes will also benefit from monistat.

How does Monistat Work?

The mechanism of action is simple. Monistat works by preventing the growth of a substance called ergosterol. Ergosterol (similar to cholesterol in humans) is important in the formation of fungal cell wall. This will subsequently kill the fungus.


Miconazole comes the the following forms:

  • Cream
  • Ointment
  • Pessaries
  • Oral

The cream and ointment are used for fungal skin and scalp infection. It should only be applied externally. The pessaries are used for vulvovaginal candidiasis (yeast infection). It is applied intravaginally. The oral miconazole with trade name approved by the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) in 2010 is used for the treatment of orapharyngeal candidiasis- a fungal infection common in people living with HIV and sometimes in diabetics and cancer patients.

Side effects

The side effects are minimal if applied properly according the the doctor or manufacturer’s instructions. The common reported side effects are irritation and itchiness at the applied area. Allergic reaction to this drug is rare though not impossible.


A 30g tube of Ministry cost around $22- $24. In Nigeria, the price of a tube is around #4,000 Naira. The pessary sells for #6,000 Naira.

Where can you get monistat?

Miconazole can be gotten to buy at big pharmacy shops, and online supermarkets like Julia, Konga, Amazon etc. If you are in Nigeria, you can get monistat at Alpha Pharmacy in Ikeja or any other pharmacies in Lagos, in Abuja also check the big pharmacies. In Benin city, the pharmacies along Sapele road will have it.

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