High Vaginal Swab (HVS) is a technique used in diagnostic medicine to obtain a sample of discharge from the vagina. This sample is then sent for microscopy, culture and sensitivity (MCS). As the vagina cleans itself, a clear vaginal discharge is normal or physiologic. But a discharge that is copious, coloured and malodourous is a symptom or sign of infection. Most times vaginal discharge is associated with itching, redness, burning, irritation and pain during intercourse.

High vaginal swab
HVS test comes out in 48 hours

High vaginal swab is used to test for for the presence vulvovaginal candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis. Trichomoniasis caused by Trichomonas vaginalis is a sexually transmitted infection.

The vaginal swab test involves taking a sample of vagina secretions with a device that looks like a cotton bud. High vaginal swab involves the doctor, nurse or lab scientist inserting a small device called a speculum. The speculum will allow the doctor visualise the inside of the vagina and the neck of the womb making the sample collection easy. During the procedure, you might feel a little discomfort but there is usually no pain.

The cost of high vaginal swab is around #4,000 to #6,000 naira. Vaginal swabs or endocervical swabs are done in laboratories and in hospitals. The result of the swab sent for microscopy, culture and sensitivity comes out in 48 hours or 72 hours depending on the causative organism.

Please be informed that high vaginal swab should be taken under strict aspesis and nothing more. The lab scientist or doctor or nurse must be the one to take the sample from the patient. Stop giving patients swab stick to take home to taken samples for themselves. It is wrong because the can’t do it themselves. They will end up taking the swab wrongly and the result will be inaccurate (mostly likely going to grow staphylococcus).

When the wrong organism is cultured, the wrong antibiotics will be prescribed and the disease remains.

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