In the treatment of genital warts; what is the price/cost of podophyllin in Nigeria?

I will respond to the above question by first highlighting the key points in genital warts.

  • Genital warts is a sexually transmitted infection.
  • It is caused by a virus called the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).
  • HPV is the same virus that causes cervical cancer in women
  • Genital warts affects both males and females of reproductive age.
  • It can also affect sexually abused children
  • Genital warts is common in uncircumcized males
  • It is a cauliflower fleshy growth found on the penis, scrotum, groin, around the anus, and vulva.
  • Genital warts may develop weeks, months or years after sexual exposure.
  • It can be treated but cannot be cured as warts have a high rate of recurrence even after treatment.

treatment options of genital warts in Nigeria

  • Use of podophyllin/podophyllotoxin
  • Imiquimod cream
  • Trichloroacetic acid
  • cryotherapy
  • Surgery for large warts
  • Electrocautery

Podophyllin is the most popular drug in the treatment of genital warts in Nigeria and globally. But basic information about the drug is not readily available hence, the purpose of this article. The article will provide answers to the below listed common google searches by Nigerians on podophyllin.

  • Wart removal cream in Nigeria
  • Brand names of podophyllin in Nigeria
  • podophyllin cream price in Nigeria
  • terrasil cream price in Nigeria
  • Condyline solution in Nigeria
  • how much is podofilox in Nigeria?
  • cost of podophyllin in nigeria
  • oxyfend in Nigeria
  • condylox price in nigeria
  • Where can i get podophyllin in Nigeria

You can see the google searches are all centred around the cost, brand names, and availability of the drug in Nigeria. Let me answer the above queries to the search engine.

Brand names of podophyllin in Nigeria

  • podocon- 25
  • podophyllotoxin
  • terrasil
  • condylox
  • warticon
  • watrol
  • podofilm
  • oxyfend
  • wartrin

forms in which podophyllin come

It may come as any of the following depending on what you want and what is available in the pharmacy store. Podophyllin comes as:

  • solution
  • ointment
  • cream
  • lotion
  • tincture
  • paint

price/cost of podophyllin in Nigeria

The price of podophyllin depends on the brand, form, pharmacy store and location your location.

For example, the terrasil brand cost between N6,500- N7,000 naira.

Warticon costs between N3,000- N4,000 naira.

Oxyfend wart cream price is N8,000 naira.

The price of podofilox is between N4,000 -N6,000 naira

Condylox price is N5,000 naira in Nigeria

Podophyllin paint costs about N2,000 naira.

Price of Podophyllin cream is about N3,000 naira.

The cost of podophyllin in Nigeria can vary from city to city.

where to get podophyllin in Nigeria

Most pharmacy stores don’t have podophyllin in stock. Very few have have it. Out of the 20 pharmacy stores I telephone in order to ask if they have the drug, only 4 pharmacy stores in Lagos, Abuja, Benin (Sapele road), and Port Harcourt had it in stock. It is a scarce but very important drug.

I will advise you first check your nearest drugstore before going far to look for it. Your nearest drug store can also help you make an order for podophyllin. More so, your doctor can also help you make an order because she may know some big pharmacies/pharmacists that have the drug.

You can also make an order for podophyllin on Jumia or Konga.

how to apply podophyllin

Podophyllin must not be taken orally. It is applied only on the skin-external genital warts. Apply twice daily for 3 days, followed by 4 days rest, for up to 4 weeks. Rub vaseline or petroleum jelly at the base of warts before rubbing the cream to avoid burns to healthy skin. Then wash off with spirit after 3-4 hours. Do not apply podophyllin to an ulcerated(open) wart or bleeding wart. The drug is contra-indicated in pregnancy.


side effects

  • burning
  • stinging
  • redness
  • itchiness
  • irritation
  • pain around area
  • numbness around area
  • birth defects if taken in pregnancy

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    • The commonest symptoms of genital warts are:
      fleshy, flat, or bumpy growth on the penis or vulva.
      growth may be itchy.
      growth may be single or multiple.
      pain may be experienced if infected.
      For women, warts may not be visible i.e. may not be found on the vulva but inside the vagina wall, cervix or anus hence they feel a burning sensation, have intense itching, pain during intercourse and some may even bleed.

  1. Pls is podophillum paint actually safe for usage, because I have genital warts and from all I have read am scared of using it because of the side effects I have read

  2. I’ve seen the dermatologist and he prescribed podophyllin to me but the wart is not external,am having two little bump on the near tip of my penis and an outgrowth looking like a cauliflower

  3. Please, where can can I get it in Asaba, Delta State. I have seen a doctor and he advised I get Podophyllin cream

  4. Please, where can can I get it in Asaba, Delta State. I have seen a seen a doctor and he advised I get Podophyllin cream.

  5. How does it feel when you apply the cream,my doctor said it would feel like it’s burning but whenever I apply the one I got,I don’t feel anything

  6. I have genital wart, saw an o and g specialist and he prescribed avoca wart and verruca remover ( silver nitrate) but i read on the leaflet that it should never be used on genital wart. I wonder why he prescribed that in the first place


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