Hospital list for delivery in Nigeria.
So, you are pregnant (congratulations!!) the journey is almost over and your due date is fast approaching, as you prepare yourself mentally for the arrival of your bundle(s) of joy, you must also prepare your delivery bag/pack, which you will carry with you to the hospital on the D-day.
Your delivery bag should be prepared at least 4-6 weeks before your due date, it should be placed in an easily accessible location and this location should be known to your partner or close family member who is likely to accompany you to the delivery room.

The top 17 hospital list for delivery in Nigeria, that is: things to have in your delivery bag include:

1. Your antenatal card or means of identification: we are going with the notion that you have registered your pregnancy at your primary health care center.

2. Medications: any drugs you are taking besides, your routine antenatal drugs e.g. Blood pressure drugs, anti- diabetic drugs etc.

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3. Wrapper: at least 2 wrappers, most labour rooms in Nigeria will require you to take off all of your clothes and tie a wrapper.

4. Comfortable clothes: should be easy to open for breast feeding and bring comfortable underwear.

5. Maternity pads: After delivery there will be bleeding, you will need pads.

6. Bathroom slippers: makes moving about easy.

7. Breast pads: for breast milk leakage.

8. Nursing bras: at least 2-3.

9. Olive oil: this may be used for you during labour process, when pushing to minimize risk of tear and to dress your baby immediately after delivery.

10. Delivery mats: these are used in the labour room to protect the bed and your wrapper from blood stain (2-3 should suffice).

11. Toiletries: for yourself and your baby.

Hospital list for delivery in Nigeria
A hospital list for delivery in Nigeria as drafted by an expectant mother.

12. Methylated spirit and cotton wool: to clean the umbilical stump of your baby, this is an important infection preventing measure.

13. For your baby: newborn baby clothes, socks, gloves, caps, baby wipes and diapers.

14. Shawl: to wrap your baby.

15. Phone, charger and power bank (if available)

16. Flask to store hot water

17. Baby formula like NAN etc incase you don’t start breast feeding on time while in the hospital

Other non-essentials include:

Extra cash for unforeseen circumstances like getting items or food.

Your makeup kit…to look beautiful after birth

Camera: capture and record every moment if allowed by the hospital

Bed net for mosquitoes

This is not an exhaustive hospital list for delivery in Nigeria but a list of the essentials that I observed are required for a smooth delivery process in most Nigerian hospitals.

If you desire to have a family planning method done for you, discuss with your obstetrician and if you need to give your consent ensure you do so before delivery.

Always ask during your antenatal visits to your obstetrician if there is any other special requirements that your delivery will entail.

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This article was written by Dr Christiana Irigo.


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