#ivf promo/discounts/price slashing/bonanza in nigeria: facts, clinics that offer #ivf discounts, advantages & disadvantages of #ivf #promotions in nigeria

Ivf #promo is the new strategy devised by fertility clinics in Nigeria to alleviate the affordability and accessibility problems encountered by couples battling with infertility.

Ivf promotions, price slashing, bonanza, and discounts are aimed at giving couples the opportunity to have their own children without the pains of exorbitant prices usually associated with the procedures.

IVF Promos in Nigeria 2023
IVF Promos are now rampant in Nigeria

Price slashing and discounts are a good and laudable initiative as ivf treatment in Nigeria have little or no government intervention or subsidy but it has its shortcomings which I want to discuss with you.

Facts on ivf promo/discounts/price slashing/bonanza

  • It relieves the cost burden on couples
  • Ivf promos may come in the form of discounts, price slashing, bonanzas or making payments in instalments.
  • Some ivf centres advertise these promotions once or twice a year. You need key information to know when these promos are advertised.
  • Not all ivf centres in Nigeria offers discounts for fertility treatment
  • During ivf promos, terms and conditions apply. Strict criteria are followed.
  • Ivf treatment does NOT mean free treatment, it only reduces cost and makes it more affordable and accessible.
  • Percentage discount and price slashing differ from clinic-to-clinic.
  • Ivf treatment during promos may fail. It does not confer 100% success rate.
  • Some foundations do partner some fertility clinics to provide free ivf treatment in Nigeria.

How to qualify for ivf promo/getting selected/the criteria for selection

The criteria for selection of the eventual winners or participants for the promo are very thorough but it differs from centre- to- centre. Check below for the common selection criteria used by some fertility clinics.

  • There shall be no contraindications for ivf treatment.
  • Couples must truly need a baby
  • Patient must accept treatment options.
  • Participants must agree to the terms and conditions of the ivf promo.
  • Younger couples are selected.
  • Couples selected for ivf treatment promo must high chances of success.
  • There must be absence of co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, fibroid, ovarian tumours, mental illnesses, and obesity. This diseases reduces success rates
  • The very and truly needy couples are selected (but how can it be determined?)
  • Clinics like St. Ives specialist hospital offers 50% discount but requires you to pay your own half first to be eligible.

advantages of ivf promo/price slashing/bonanzas/discounts

  • Makes ivf treatment more affordable and accessible to couples
  • It bridges the gap between the rich and the poor
  • Participants are allowed to make payments in instalments.
  • Cost of paying egg donors are shared or significantly reduced.
  • Egg donors are readily available.
  • Provides room for egg sharing and embryo transfer.
  • Normally, when a cycle fails the whole ivf procedure is cancelled for that woman as there is no egg sharing or embryo transfer but during ivf promos, spare eggs are available and are usually offered at no additional cost.
  • Ivf promo provides room for own egg ivf cycle to donor egg ivf cycle.
  • Ivf treatment may fail more than once. But the reduced cost enables some couples the opportunity to try ivf treatment more than once.
  • Ivf price slashing allows more couples access to fertility treatment.


disadvantages of ivf promo/price slashing/discounts/bonanza

Ivf promo, in spite of its good intentions have its shortcomings. I think couples should also consider the disadvantages below:

  • Promo patients are usually not offered embryo freezing options. Embryo freezing services is an added cost which must promoters tries to avoid. This means couples have to go through the whole process again when a cycle fails.
  • Not all couples are picked. It is not suitable for special need patients.
  • The criteria for selection is too stringent for couples. Most times only younger couples are picked.
  • Ivf promo do not make provisions for thorough investigations.
  • Patient that may require surgery before ivf treatment may not be able to key into the promotions as they need time to heal.
  • Ivf promos occurs only once in a year. Some fertility Clinics now do it all year round.
  • Ivf promo/discounts/bonanza does not provide room for a second cycle if the first cycle fails.
  • Large number of couples the the promo attracts leads to poor doctor-patient relationship.
  • Most fertility clinics in Nigeria during ivf promos use the mantra of “one size fits them all”, meaning same treatment procedures is used for all participant instead of individualized ivf treatment.
  • Most times, only donor eggs are donor used instead of your own egg.

Fertility clinics that offers ivf promos/price slashing/discounts/bonanzas in Nigeria

Some fertility clinics offers low cost ivf treatment in Nigeria at a particular time of the year. It is better you know these clinics, have their contacts, and prepare yourself financially plus emotionally for the opening of these annual ivf promotions. Please do not lose hope, or be deterred by the stringent selection criteria. This may be your chance. Check below for names, addresses, and phones numbers of fertility clinics that offer low cost/free ivf treatment in Nigeria.

1.Grabbo Fertility Clinic,abuja

Located at No 2, 3rd Avenue, Gwarimpa, Abuja.

Call: 08036227663- Dr Kate Onoja (Chief Medical Director), or 080680640297.

Time of Promo: March every year, promo have been extended to August 7th- October 31st, 2017.

2.Medimax Hospital,abuja

11,612 Road, Gwarimpa, Abuja.

Call: 07034959021, 08059270197

Medimax hospital offers ivf promos from February to March every year @ #680,000.

3.Care fertility Clinic,abuja

@ 1, Angas Way, by CBN Quarters, CBN junction, Karu site, Maitama, Abuja.

Call: 01-4609950

They offer low cost ivf treatment and allow different discount rates. Payments are made in instalments.

4.Dote ivf medical centre, abuja

They offer 1st and 2nd quarter ivf promo every year.

Call:08033120869, 08056666884.

5. Nisa Premier Hospital in collaboration with Babyhannatu Foundation,abuja

They offer discounted ivf treatment for up to 1000 childless couples around February to April every year

Call: 08174210095, 08174210027.

6.National hospital, abuja

The cost of ivf in National hospital has been slashed to #350,000 but you have buy your fertility drugs according to the Chief Medical Director, Dr. Jafaru Momoh.

Call: 08033154245- Dr S.M Ibrahim, ivf co-ordinator.

08033118171- Dr Effetie

08023263373- Dr Ladipo

Medimax, Grabbo, Nisa, Dote, and Care fertility clinic are popular for offering ivf promo in Abuja.

7.Trucare Fertility/ivf clinic, Lagos

Provides up to 30-40% discount/price slashing on ivf. They call their annual corporate social responsibility and it runs from February to March every year.

Call: 08033801191, 08168670496, 08051841529, 08083843211

8. Fusion Nest Fertility Centre, Lagos

@ 3, Adebowale Close, Off Lola Holloway, Omole Phase 1 Estate, Hotel Bus-stop, Ojodu Berger, Lagos.

They do offer 50% discount/price slashing during easter celebration every year.

Call: 0815697893, 08037173567

9.George’s Memorial, Lekki

They do yearly 25% summer price slashing around August.

Call: 08078191655

10. St Ives specialist hospital, Lagos

Offers 50% discount around February annually.

Call: 08023389610, 08038183212

11. Lily fertility centre, delta

@ 6, Brisibie Close, off etuwewe, off Deco Road, Warri, Delta State.

They offer yearly ivf bonanza from January to March.

Call: 08068065123, 08069477674.

12. Diff fertility clinic

Diff fertility clinic based in Lagos and Abuja offers ivf promo all year round.

13. Some fertility support foundation do partner with reputable centres to offer free/cheap ivf treatment in Nigeria.

Caveat: DO NOT go through agents for ivf treatment. Ivf centres/ fertility clinics always make their numbers/addresses available so you can call or visit them directly. Don’t be desperate, don’t get duped!


Do not give up hope on having your own baby. Your last try may just be it. I wish you the best of luck!

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  1. […] I agree with you that the ubth ivf cost is quite expensive. This is because there is no special government subsidy or interventions for now to reduce the the cost burden of ivf treatment on childless couples. It is not only in the ubth ivf centre that affordability is a problem, it is like that in all fertility clinics across Nigeria. To check this cost burden many centres now do yearly ivf promo/price slashing/bonanza/discounts allowing couples more affordability and accessibility. Learn more about these low/cheap ivf treatment in Nigeria here: ivf promo/ price slashing/discount/bonanza and centres that offer them. […]


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