Is tomatoes good or bad for gastritis, stomach acid or acid reflux?

❗️❗️If you have Ulcer, Gastritis, Heartburn or Acid REFLUX. Any Gastrointestinal disorder….Please you can NOT EAT RAW TOMATOES. May be in salads or any other way you consume raw tomatoes.

Is tomatoes good or bad for gastritis or stomach ulcer?
Is tomatoes good or bad for gastritis or stomach ulcer?

✅️The Lectin is high in tomatoes skin and the seeds…Lectins are antinutrients that are so hard on the Digestive system. Steaming or By just stir frying can reduce its effect greatly. Making its digestion easier. Also being a nightshade fruits.. yes TOMATO IS A FRUIT not a VEGETABLE.

✅️You can also remove the seeds.

✅️It’s high acidic content can relax your Lower oesophageal sphincter…making the escape of Stomach acid easier and thsts what gives you that burning sensation you feel in your chest. The combination of Malic and Citric acid all at a go together with the Stomach acid HCL is gonna be a war down there.

❤️If you have to consume TOMATOES…don’t eat it

Gastritis is a condition that involves inflammation or irritation of the lining of the stomach. It can have various causes, including infection, excessive alcohol consumption, certain medications, and stress. The symptoms of gastritis can range from mild to severe, and they may come and go or persist over time.


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