Does lime work the same as lemon?

Lemon and lime campared and differences enumerated

Lemon 🍋
1.More Acidic
4.Higher in vitamins C when campared to lime.
5.Promote weight lose
6.Oval-shaped and bright yellow.

Does lime work the same as lemon?
Does lime work the same as lemon? They are the same nutrient-wise


4.High in antioxidants
5.Less acidic
6.Small round and green.

Nutrientionally”,both are almost the same with health benefits..


How do you start your morning? ☀️

The best way is starting by drinking a warm lemon or lime water while taking liposomal supplements and #hydrating your body after a night of rest.
If you don’t have fresh lemon or lime, you can use essential oil. Make sure it’s certified pure therapeutic grade.

Lemon essential oil or lemon/lime water have so many great Benefits ⬇️

🌱 Lemon cleanses your body from #toxins
🌱 helps #constipation
🌱 #alkalizes blood to help fight dis-ease
🌱Aids in Digestion
🌱Helps dépression
🌱Beautifies the skin
🌱Helps strengthen immune system
🌱Lemon or lime oil/fresh squeezed help in #lymphatic cleansing
🌱Helps lower blood pressure and
🌱 Helps purifies air as well as great to add onto cleaning products to clean the house!
🌱It’s great in cooking and baking!

I did an interview in a market place about roughly a year ago now. In this talk show, I interviewed some persons about the benefits they derive from using of lemon water and the majority answers I got are below:

A glass of lemon water every day will:

– Improve digestion and fat metabolism
– Improve skin health
– Vitamin C boosts the immune system
– Helps reduce muscle discomfort and tiredness after intense physical activity
– Act as a detoxifier
– Reduce acidity and inflammation in joints
– Increase blood flow and decreases blood pressure
– Suppresse appetite
– Citrus improves DNA repair and therefore lowers the risk of cancer
– Protects against heart disease
– Aids in collagen production

There is a scientific consensus that lemon has more vitamin C than lime. Also the side effects of heart burns , indigestion, acid reflux, vomiting , abdominal cramps, renal stones, and nausea are commoner in lemon than lime. This is because lemon is more acidic.

It is important to note that both lemon and lime can delay period.


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